two images joint together showing Ian Watmore and Lord Adebowale

Editorial: The experts tell us to listen carefully, move slowly

30 September 2014

By chance, two service delivery heavyweights have shared a single message. Ministers and officials alike should listen up

Opinion: Dave Penman, FDA

25 September 2014

Civil servants achieve so much for the public good, argues Dave Penman, but rarely get the praise they deserve: their leaders should sing their praises more loudly – even if it gets the critics...

The image shows Rob Whiteman, former head of UKBA.

Opinion: Rob Whiteman on leading - and abolishing - the UKBA

24 September 2014

Former UK Border Agency chief executive Rob Whiteman writes about the challenges and frustrations of heading up, and ultimately dismantling, the organisation

The image shows Lord Victor Adebowale standing under an umbrella in a park

Interview: Lord Victor Adebowale

29 September 2014

Victor Adebowale may be a peer of the realm, but his ideas for public service reform – built on 30 years’ experience in housing and social care – challenge established thinking. Winnie Agbonlahor...

The image shows Helen Edwards, permanent secretary of the Department for Communities and Local Government

Interview: Helen Edwards

23 September 2014

Helen Edwards left a career in frontline social work and charity management for a job on Whitehall; now she's the DCLG's deputy permanent secretary. She tells Matt Ross about pursuing change in...

The image shows Jonathan Jones, Treasury Solicitor.

Interview: Jonathan Jones

18 September 2014

Winnie Agbonlahor meets the new Treasury solicitor and head of the legal profession, Jonathan Jones – a man trying to bring all the government’s lawyers into a single force

The image shows Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office, standing outside 10 Downing Street

Event Report: Maude expands central local property-sharing

24 September 2014

Central controls over departments’ management of their property assets and leases has been “tough but needed”, Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said on 3 September at the launch of phase two...

The image shows all attendees of a roundtable at CSW's Civil Service Live 2014 event

Round table: Castles in the Cloud

11 September 2014

Cloud technologies could help build the civil service of tomorrow, but there are substantial challenges to overcome. Gill Hitchcock reports on a round table discussion of how civil servants can...

The image shows permanent secretary Chris Wormald

Interview: Chris Wormald

3 September 2014

Chris Wormald tells Winnie Agbonlahor how he's trying to raise the standard of policymaking across government - without imposing too much central control

image of the outdoor pools of the Szechenyi baths, filled with swimmers and tourists

Travel: Budapest, Hungary

6 June 2014

When you don’t have the time to go on long holidays, planning the perfect weekend get-away becomes of crucial importance: the ideal spot should be far away, but easy to reach; warm, but not too...

image of  ‘Faccia da Vecchia’ pizza with some other dishes in the background

Restaurant: Olivelli

25 May 2014

It’s nice to have a regular restaurant; one in which a meal is both a special occasion, and a deeply comfortable experience. And in recent years, with a few old friends I’ve found just such a...

image of a beef Bibimbap dish

Restaurant: Bibimbap

29 April 2014

If drinks on a Friday night should ever take you to the West End, I would heartily recommend paying a visit to Bibimbap: a Korean restaurant in the heart of Soho’s hustle and bustle. One...