DfT publishes Gibb report into Southern Railway woes

22 June 2017

Transport secretary Chris Grayling insists services are improving and some recommendations are...

Justice secretary confirms MoJ prison recruitment plan

22 June 2017

Lidington pledges to continue reform programme, but Labour criticise lack of legislation the...

Meet the minister: a civil servant’s guide to the first day with the new boss

12 June 2017

A cabinet minister’s first day at their new department can set the tone for years to come. Andrew Greenway recalls those early encounters

Same difference? How the GDPR will differ from the DPA – and what public servants need to do now

9 June 2017

For a public sector only just beginning to adapt to the demands of digital data, the looming General Data Protection Regulation obligations could be alarming. Jane Roberts of Toplevel asks how the...

Jane Dudman: Who needs experts? We all do

31 May 2017

Prime minister Theresa May can’t afford to shut herself off from good, impartial advice

Non-executive directors: How useful have they really been?

10 May 2017

Little is known about the contribution of non-executives in Whitehall departments since their role was expanded in 2010. A new study aims to find out how they work

Carol Tullo interview: National Archives director on leadership, digital record-keeping, and the benefits of peer support

1 June 2017

After starting her career in law Carol Tullo has now worked in the civil service for 20 years. She talks to Suzannah Brecknell about two decades worth of change, Whitehall milestones and the...

Making the global village a reality for policy

3 May 2017

At a time of constrained resources for civil servants, learning from other governments’ mistakes and successes is one way to save time and money