Public officials must be free to innovate, says CBI

30 October 2014

Public officials should be free to try new approaches without fear of being “hauled in front of ministers, the Public Accounts Committee or being...

Nicky Morgan MP

Half of failing schools have not improved, says NAO

30 October 2014

The National Audit Office (NAO) today reported that only 62 out of 129 underperforming maintained schools improved their rating following formal intervention.

Nicky Morgan

DfE inconsistent in tackling underperforming schools, says NAO

30 October 2014

The Department for Education (DfE) has failed to consistently tackle underperforming maintained schools and academies despite investing at least £382m annually, said a National Audit...

Picture of Anthony Fitzsimmons

Build your organisation: Anthony Fitzsimmons

28 October 2014

Poor delivery explains some risk management failures, but there’s a bigger problem: the model has a fatal blind spot

The image shows a head-and-shoulder shot of Andre Spicer, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Cass Business School

Build your skills: Andre Spicer

28 October 2014

It's easier to sidestep 'wicked problems' than to fix them - but stepping sidewalks brings us no closer to our goals

Picture of Sally Collier

Interview: Sally Collier

30 October 2014

Sally Collier, CEO of the Crown Commercial Service, says common sense is the new gospel in the civil service’s commercial operations. CSW learns about the reformation in government...

Nick Clegg MP

Interview: Nick Clegg

22 October 2014

As the election looms, CSW puts six questions to deputy prime minister and Liberal Democrat party leader Nick Clegg

The image shows Peter Hennessy interviewing David Richards

Lord Hennessy meets... Lord Richards

1 October 2014

Journalist and historian Peter Hennessy meets former chief of the defence staff General Sir David Richards to discuss Whitehall’s internal wars, and the need for truly strategic thinking in...

A picture of Matt Ross at lunch with John Hirst

Lunch with... John Hirst

29 October 2014

After seven years running the Met Office, John Hirst is returning to the business world. CSW gets his views on leading civil servants, working with politicians, and being in charge of the weather...

Scotland devolution illustration

Feature: a constitutional balancing act

27 October 2014

Having promised Scotland new powers in a panicky bid to secure a ‘no’ vote in the referendum, the three main parties now have to deliver on their vow – and throw England a bone too. CSW examines...

The image shows Nick Clegg and another gentleman addressing young offenders in a library

Legislation Tracker: Criminal Justice and Courts Bill

9 October 2014

I rundown of a key piece of legislation; what are its aims and how will it affect you? This edition we look at the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill.