Philip Gimmack

Build Your Skills

22 August 2014

The secret of great leadership lies not in management books, but in learning to identify and understand your emotions.

Suited men walking away

Editorial: CSW too white? Don't shoot the messenger

19 August 2014

CSW magazine is full of white men. But don't shoot the messenger: we're depicting the reality of Whitehall's top leadership.

Opinion: Dave Penman, FDA

19 August 2014

Picking the right civil service CEO is important. But any candidate will encounter the job's structural challenges.

The image shows CSW reporter Winnie Agbonlahor lunching with Chief Executive of UKTI Dominic Jermey

Lunch with... Dominic Jermey

26 August 2014

Just a month after Dominic Jermey started his new job as chief executive of UK Trade and Investment, he spoke to Winnie Agbonlahor. 

Graham Allen MP

Interview: Graham Allen

30 July 2014

Graham Allen, chair of the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee, tells Winnie Agbonlahor why government must increase its focus on the long term

The image shows Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood and head of UK civil service Sir Bob Kerslake in front of a painting mentioned in the interview.

Interview: Sir Jeremy Heywood and Sir Bob Kerslake

29 July 2014

As the search begins for a new head of the civil service, read the last interview by incumbent Sir Bob Kerslake – interviewed with the new titular head of the civil service Sir Jeremy Heywood....

The facade of Colosseo peeks out from behind the scaffolding

Culture: Colosseo Restaurant

1 August 2014

I’m considering writing a tome on etiquette for office workers. Some rules are set in stone (eg. be polite to temps, because you never know how long they’ll be here). Others are up for...

image of the outdoor pools of the Szechenyi baths, filled with swimmers and tourists

Travel: Budapest, Hungary

6 June 2014

When you don’t have the time to go on long holidays, planning the perfect weekend get-away becomes of crucial importance: the ideal spot should be far away, but easy to reach; warm, but not too...

image of  ‘Faccia da Vecchia’ pizza with some other dishes in the background

Restaurant: Olivelli

25 May 2014

It’s nice to have a regular restaurant; one in which a meal is both a special occasion, and a deeply comfortable experience. And in recent years, with a few old friends I’ve found just such a...