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Theresa May MP

May Spads' parliamentary bids blocked

19 December 2014

Two of Theresa May's special advisers have been prevented from standing for Parliament because they refused to campaign for the Conservatives in the Rochester and Strood by-election.


Spad numbers on the rise

19 December 2014

The number of special advisers in government has increased from 93 to 103, according to the Cabinet Office

Image of calculator, paper and pen

Osborne re-appoints former bank execs on finance committee

18 December 2014

Chancellor George Osborne has re-appointed two external members of the Bank of England’s finance committee

Ministry of Defence

MoD bags millions from sale of executive agency

17 December 2014

Executive agency responsible for the “land arm” of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been sold for £140m, it was announced today

NHS ward

PASC inquiry aims for solutions to clinical failures in NHS

17 December 2014

Time to stop the blame game and find solutions to clinical failure in the NHS, says PASC

John Vine

Home Office criticised by borders and immigration inspector

17 December 2014

The Home Office has been urged to make "significant improvements" to its strategy for handling immigrants who stay beyond their visas’ expiry date

William Hague

Hague: EVEL not tied to Scottish devolution timetable

17 December 2014

Commons leader William Hague has insisted plans to restrict voting on English issues to English MPs will not hold up further plans for Scotland

Francis Maude

Cabinet Office minister moots ‘Maude Award For Failure’

17 December 2014

The Civil Service must embrace failure as part of the innovation process if it is to succeed, minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude has said

Civil Service Learning programme a “work in progress”, committee hears

16 December 2014

“Marmitey” Civil Service Learning programme is not a finished product, say officials