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4 June 2019

In these unprecedented circumstances, we should ditch the convention of confidentiality around civil servants’ advice to ministers – for the good of us all, says the FDA general secretary

3 June 2019

As Tory hopefuls set out their stall for the role of PM, the civil service had better prepare for deckchair shuffling and another round of pointless departmental name changes

21 May 2019

Government must learn the lessons of its bruising parliamentary experiences if it is to deliver on its plans to leave the EU

13 May 2019

Civil servants have always worked under pressure, but Brexit has upped the level considerably. Sneering at departments helping staff deal with stress benefits no-one, says Andrew Greenway

1 May 2019

Re-combining the role of national security adviser with the post of cabinet secretary undoes a reform made in 2010. Dr Joe Devanny asks if the decision is the right one.

29 April 2019

The prime minister’s warm words are well intentioned but ring hollow when civil servants are under attack and pay restraint remains

25 April 2019

At a time when Brexit is revealing a lot about UK governance, a new report has found the British civil service is the worldwide leader. Calum Miller of the Blavatnik School of Government, which published the report, explains the ranking

9 April 2019

The government's Outsourcing Playbook addresses some big problems in outsourcing, but there are still gaps to be plugged, writes Benoit Guerin

9 April 2019

Only by working better together can industry and government restore public trust in public-private partnerships, writes Matthew Fell

5 April 2019

Two years since Article 50 was triggered – and longer since EU referendum campaigning hit its stride – the Brexit effect on both the civil service and parliament has been profound