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3 May 2018

Ahead of next week’s Sprint 18 event, GDS director general Kevin Cunnington outlines the organisation’s focus areas for the coming months, and its achievements of the past two years

2 May 2018

Many internationally lauded ideas for improving how government work have come from the UK – but even when they are copied many in the civil service view central reforming units like the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit to the Government Digital Service as irritants. This should change, says Andrew Greenway

1 May 2018

There can often be a daunting space between policy development and delivery in government – a space where policy ideas can be undermined as they move from one team to another. Here are Infrastructure and Projects Authority chief executive Tony Meggs’s top tips for closing it

23 April 2018

It is easy for politicians to blame immigration officers and other civil servants tasked with implementing immigration rules and regulations. But to do so unfairly distracts from the all but inevitable outcome of reducing the number of staff properly employed and trained to enforce immigration law

18 April 2018

Companies will fail, but that doesn’t mean we must abandon outsourcing entirely – it’s a matter of picking the right circumstances, says Bronwen Maddox

17 April 2018

The sacking of Nick Hardwick as chair of the Parole Board has raised questions about the future of the body – including how ministers will be able to find a successor, says Suzannah Brecknell

12 April 2018

The UK government needs to set out proposals – not just send negotiators – to make progress on post-Brexit trade, says the Institute for Government’s Jill Rutter

10 April 2018

An in-depth review of the effectiveness of the civil service has focused in on the relationship between officials and political leaders as the key fault line. If it can be improved, so can policy delivery, Andrew Kakabadse tells Richard Johnstone

9 April 2018

This year, the UK hosted the first International Public Fraud Symposiom. Mark Cheeseman, deputy director, public sector fraud at the Cabinet Office, explains how the event came about, and what his team learnt from their international colleagues

6 April 2018

David Gauke’s dismissal of the head of the Parole Board following the John Worboys case raises questions about how the relationship between the board and the department will work in future

5 April 2018

The departure of the director of public prosecutions is just one example where public servants have faced scrutiny from a hostile media. It is time ministers had the courage to challenge unwarranted media attacks

4 April 2018

Transferring data policy to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is a welcome move, but the government needs to be clear about what it wants to do with all this data