How Connected Cars Could Pave the Way for Safer Roads

Written by Vodafone on 7 March 2019 in Sponsored Article
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Vodafone talks about how the developments in connected cars could save 2,500 lives per year

Benjamin Cohrs didn’t see the car before it hit him. The 26-year-old had only passed his test three months prior, when driving down a country road, another driver smashed into the side of him.
“I couldn’t see anything because of the open airbags,” Benjamin said.

As he struggled to assess his situation, his Bosch Telematics eCall plug had already measured the strength of the force, determined that a crash had occurred, and informed the emergency services.

On a whim, Benjamin had chosen the device that plugged into the cigarette lighter on his car, but it proved invaluable in a crash.

“Everyone knows how to behave in an accident, but when you’re in shock you forget these things,” Benjamin, who is now convinced that eCall technology can save lives, said.

ECall and a wave of other new safety technologies underpinned by telecoms networks, could dramatically improve road safety.

In 2016, more than 25,000 people died in road accidents in the EU. It is estimated that eCall, which from March this year is incorporated in all new cars sold within the EU, could save 2,500 lives per year.

eCall is just one of the connectivity features being added to vehicles to improve safety both at the point of manufacture and through products that can be added by the owner after sale.

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