Transforming traditional networks into mobile workforce solutions

Written by Vodafone on 22 November 2018 in Sponsored Article
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Vodafone argues that the way we work is changing. Technology needs to keep up

Vodafone understand our public sector and charity customers desire to embrace technology thus creating an agile and flexible workplace enabling all employees to work securely from anywhere, anytime with an immersive collaboration and communication experience.

The ONS predicts that more than half of the entire UK workforce will be working remotely by 2020.  Vodafone is helping public sector organisations transform the way they work and conduct business on a daily basis.  Our cloud & security team understand HMG fixed and mobile network principles, PSN flattening, cloud first policies, cloud security principles, and that; the internet is ok.

Organisations are seeking better user experiences, improved cost control, uniform security policies, reduced hardware, more flexible and immersive working environments along with a wider reach and faster collection of data at hand coupled with more real time analytics and data mining giving true situational awareness of today, and predictions of what later today, or tomorrow, or next week, month, year etc. might look like.  

Technologies such as AI, blockchain, cloud and edge computing are shaping how we create, access, use, move and store data about ourselves and our environment, while the connectivity of the Internet of Things and our forthcoming 5G networks are making intelligent applications available anywhere and everywhere.

Vodafone is helping deliver broader societal benefits through a number of ongoing initiatives, in particular Vodafone Location Insight. The programme provides a sophisticated way to understand real time commuting flows e.g. count people and journeys derived from pseudonymised location data sourced from our mobile network.  As devices move around our network and connect to different transmitters, we’re able to measure their journeys between places – for example, the number of phones that travelled between Newport and Cardiff on the M4.  

Vodafone is helping transform network-centric technologies into mobile workforce solutions enabling the shift from legacy-hub-and-spoke network architectures to a modern, direct to cloud, zero trust architecture, no matter the device or location of the user.

As the UK's fastest growing Zscaler partner, Vodafone Cloud & Security specialists are ideally placed to be significant value to your organisations digital transformation goals. 

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