Kick-Starting Transformation: How Can We Accelerate Change to Develop and Deliver Joined-Up Services Focused on Citizen Needs?

The Government's Transformation Strategy commits that by 2020 departments will “design and deliver joined-up, end-to-end services”. It sounds like a simple aim – and one that would deliver undeniable improvements to outcomes –  but it requires a significant shift in the way teams operate today.

Many barriers remain to creating truly joined-up services: whether organisational, cultural or due to data constraints both real and perceived.

This discussion will bring together senior leaders from across government to explore how these barriers are being overcome in different departments, and how we can make better use of APIs and other technologies to accelerate change and transform the citizen experience at pace and scale.

Participants will also have a chance to hear the results of the research into the use of APIs across government, and discuss the implications for their own work.

Topics will include:

- What good practice examples exist which have shown measurable benefits from joined-up services?

- What can other departments learn from these examples?

- How can digital teams optimise the use of APIs to facilitate joined-up services?

- How can we improve use of date to design and deliver joined-up services?

- How do we tackle the remaining cultural barriers to developing joined-up services?

To register your interest in attending this event, please contact Daisy Crisp by emailing

Wednesday, 7 November, 2018 - 12:30 to 14:30
United Kingdom

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