Post Spending Review webinar with CSW and KPMG

KPMG, in association with Civil Service World, invites you to listen to and participate in a webinar on the outcome of the Comprehensive Spending Review.

Maintaining the effectiveness of government despite the size of the spending reductions will require everything from exceptional leadership at all levels to a relentless focus on process efficiency. How can industry support civil servants in developing the skills and capabilities to survive and thrive in a low cost, low staffing service?

While the current number of departments is unlikely to change there will be many opportunities to share systems and improve the flows of data and information across government. How can civil servants exploit the power of digital to transform processes?

Digitisation in government is high risk; how can departments keep costs down, choose the best platform, ensure timely implementation and avoid building in obsolescence?

What can civil servants learn from digital culture, such as open source information and exploitation of data as a catalyst for new approaches to policy?


Meet the hosts

Kru Desai is a partner in KPMG LLP and head of the UK Government and Infrastructure Practice. Her 20 year career has included advising UK and international governments, health authorities and private sector organisations in improving the performance of public services to citizens and leading technology enabled transformation programmes.

She is also a member of the Mayor of London's Smart London Board.

Richard Vize (@RichardVize) is managing director of Dods’ media division. He has been a commentator on public policy and public services reform for 25 years. He is a columnist for the Guardian Healthcare Network and Guardian Public Leaders Network, contributes to the British Medical Journal and works with a range of organisations across health and local government.

Richard is a former editor of both Health Service Journal and Local Government Chronicle, and was head of communications at regulator Ofsted. 

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Date & time
10/12/2015 15:30:00 - 10/12/2015 16:30:00