Regulating with purpose: new opportunities in a complex world

In the midst of economic and geopolitical challenges, regulators face a daunting task. To protect consumers and businesses while also fostering innovation and growth, regulators must be assertive and creative as they focus on not only how they fulfil their duties, but why. This is the message from PA Consulting's latest research on how regulators are perceived, conducted earlier this year with over 2,000 consumers and 500 businesses. 

The findings show that while people are increasingly anxious about the future, in particular economic and social risks, perceptions of regulators have significantly improved over the past four years.

Yet this is no time for complacency. Nearly half of consumers feel less protected as the risk landscape shifts, while over two-thirds of consumers and nearly three-quarters of businesses want regulators to do more to tackle climate change and support sustainability issues. Meanwhile, regulators must show they can be a force to drive growth and innovation, and deal with the shifting political landscape affecting all public servants.

To support regulators as they meet these challenges, Civil Service World has partnered with PA Consulting to host a webinar exploring how regulators can better achieve their outcomes. With a panel of leaders from across the sector, we will discuss the importance of renewing your focus and priorities, adopting a user-centric approach to regulation, and the opportunities for reimagining and refashioning regulation. 
We will explore the results of PA Consulting's research, and discuss: 
-    The connection between the perception of regulators and growth
-    How regulators can respond to the shifting risk landscape
-    Opportunities to reset priorities and boost buy-in
-    How regulators can reduce the regulatory burden to better demonstrate value
-    Ways to make the regulatory system more cohesive and impactful. 

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Date & time
06/12/2022 12:00:00 - 06/12/2022 13:00:00