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10 December 2019

On this week's Civil Service World Podcast, Suzannah Brecknell and Jess Bowie are discussing kindness in the civil service

28 November 2019

At a time when people are more aware of how they can help their local community, Colin Talbot asks if government benefit and taxes could be more effectively delivered with greater local control...

27 November 2019

On this week's episode of The Civil Service World Podcast, Jess and Suzannah speak to social worker Ryan Wise and Katie Rose from the Centre for Public Impact about a new blueprint for social work...

22 November 2019

As Mark Rowe explains, delivering on ministerial commitments will be a multi-generation task that requires a cross-government approach

22 November 2019

Leading the way on combatting climate change could easily be an all-consuming task for the civil service, in the absence of other priorities. In the first of a two-part feature, Mark Rowe looks at...

21 November 2019

On this week's episode of The Civil Service World Podcast, Jess and Suzannah speak to Francis Maude about his time as Minister for the Cabinet Office

20 November 2019

The NCSC’s annual report reveals that a public sector entity or business is hit with a major cyberattack about twice each day. CSW's sister title PublicTechnology looks at the biggest risks facing...

19 November 2019

The principles of privatisation are faltering, and – as a book by an ex-regulator makes clear – the right balance between intrusive control and free market initiative remains elusive

11 November 2019

CSW's new podcast looks at the work of the National Audit Office in accounting for government spending, and the impact of Brexit across departments

5 November 2019

To mark the second annual Geographers in Government conference, Jon Pickstone explains how geographers’ skills can help improve policy and outcomes

5 November 2019

As she settles in to a new job at her old department, Sarah Healey, permanent secretary at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, tells Suzannah Brecknell what it was like to return...

5 November 2019

The Department for International Trade has just helped host an international sporting event more than 6,000 miles away. Richard Johnstone finds out how they did it, and why this could the first of...