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15 April 2020

PACAC chair asks national statistician which dataset the nation should use after concerns about hospital-only figures

15 April 2020

Treasury and HMRC urged to build evidence base for change as support for better-funded public services is expected to grow

14 April 2020

Outgoing Cabinet Office perm sec and civil service chief executive urges colleagues to “preserve and promote what is unique” about the "incredible" civil service while pursuing constant improvement

12 April 2020

Low Incomes Tax Reform Group applauds round-the-clock efforts of ‘invisible cohort’ of departmental staff

9 April 2020

Union demands answers after 2,000 staff at Home Office division earmarked for return to work despite coronavirus lockdown

9 April 2020

Cabinet secretary also encourages departmental staff to make time to relax – safely – over the Easter weekend