The Ethics of AI in Government

4 December 2018

IBM argues that departments should be clear about why certain decisions are made, especially...

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An ancient seaport meets the age of AI

4 September 2018

The 800-year-old port of Rotterdam handles 140,000 vessels and 461 million tons of cargo annually, but when does size meet efficiency? How does Europe’s largest seaport become the smartest? IBM's...

Home, smart home: IoT and AI will make where we live more accessible

14 August 2018

Independence. For people with disabilities and the aging population, it’s more than a word—it’s a catalyst for fulfillment and dignity.

STFC Hartree Centre working in collaboration with IBM Research

20 June 2018

Michael Gleaves, Deputy Director of the STFC Hartree Centre, explains how the Hartree Centre is working in collaboration with IBM Research to deliver sustainable profitability to UK companies...

Government Digital Reinvention in Action

29 May 2018

A day in the life of Sarah, a digitally savvy and socially engaged Londoner. See how Sarah's daily life could be supported by Government services that fit around her needs and her wish to be a...

The New Reality for UK Government

21 May 2018

At the dawn of the AI era, a fundamental change is reshaping the way UK citizens and government services interact. Digital reinvention in government will deliver digital services, to UK citizens,...