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Digital Traveller: how data technologies could reimagine UK transport

11 August 2016

KPMG mapped out a business journey from Essex to Scotland, and considered how things work now and how they might develop over the next five years.

Reimagine staff management

26 July 2016

The world is changing – and so must the civil service. Ian Lithgow and Mike Falvey map out a way to give public servants more flexible and varied careers, whilst stimulating local economies and...

Reimagine aid allocation

15 June 2016

How DFID can educate and empower the British public to back its work and investment across global nations.

Reimagine construction

3 June 2016

The government is determined to cut public sector costs, to rebalance the economy, and to drive up exports....

Reimagine care

12 May 2016

KPMG explores the use of digital platforms to improve life for service users and carers

Reimagining Government

12 May 2016

KPMG’s Head of Government and Infrastructure Kru Desai sits down with Civil Service World to discuss a career in public sector transformation and why she’s looking forward to leading a challenge...

Reimagine digital service for SMEs

12 May 2016

KPMG imagines a new digital service designed to liberate UK small businesses from bureaucracy whilst cutting cost to government