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Digital government must suit needs of satisfaction

18 March 2015

The government's customer service must better suit user needs, according to a webchat hosted by TCS and Civil Service World

Going Digital: Towards cutting-edge customer experience

26 February 2015

Businesses are increasingly delivering cutting-edge customer experience and are raising the bar for all – how can the public sector keep up?

On the Case: TCS – Indian Passport Office overview

18 December 2014

Emerging markets face many challenges, with fluid social structures and in many cases young infrastructures. These challenges lead to both amplified risks and the innovative opportunities

Highlighting examples of fiscal efficiency: Global governments and digital delivery

10 December 2014

TCS has a proven track record around the world in working with governments on fiscal and welfare efficiency. Here we go through three examples

Case Study: New York City’s Department of Probation implements a case management system through TCS to streamline operations

4 December 2014

New York City’s Department of Probation (NYCDOP) wished to carry out an IT re-engineering initiative to enable better collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. It, therefore, decided...

Andrew Haldenby on digital government, 2015 and beyond

4 November 2014

Whatever the result of the next General Election, the UK will operate a new kind of government after 2015.

Changing the culture: Three hurdles to transforming public services

27 October 2014

Damien Venkatasamy says technological challenges are not the only ones which government organisations need to overcome to transform services.

Cultural change: a necessity for digital government?

15 October 2014

Mentioning the words ‘government’ and ‘IT’ in the same breath has traditionally been a signal for sighs and raised eyebrows. The press coverage generated earlier this year by – the...

Innovation and reform in central government

27 August 2014

In March this year, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) reported that public sector net debt as a proportion of GDP would rise in 2015-16, not fall, corroborating its earlier...

Case study: NEST helps millions save for retirement with its new digital platform

26 August 2014

TCS helps NEST introduce a simple, intuitive, low cost digital platform to enable employers to provide workers access to a workplace pension scheme which facilitated over one million enrolments...

Successful partnerships: working effectively with central government

26 August 2014

TCS is keen to contribute to the topic of successful partnerships between the public and private sectors. We have developed some significant partnerships with government now and with the benefit...

Global strength, local reach

26 August 2014

The drive to deliver better and more responsive services to citizens in an environment of spending cuts brings ever-increasing pressure to bear on public sector organisations to...

Open Public Services in a global marketplace

26 August 2014

Global back-office operations, staffed by mobile and multi-skilled employees: is this the future of public service delivery?

Government legacy IT Systems holding back public sector transformation

26 August 2014

National Audit Office report finds government's legacy IT systems threaten public service delivery – a belief we share