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‘Virtual Teacher' platform introduced at Eastern Cape school

23 July 2019

Vodafone are behind an initiative in Johannesburg which sees some of the country's best teachers delivering lessons to students remotely - made possible by portable hardware 

Practical Guide: Make a cultural shift to unlock cloud gains

9 July 2019

In order to make the most of the cloud, you have to embrace a cultural shift and change your habits - in this guide, Vodafone offers helpful advice for unlocking huge gains

The school where robots learn to help people – and each other

2 July 2019

In the future, there are many activities in which robots could assist humans. Vodafone explains some of the leaps in technology we can expect to see in the future 

Why a robot could be your therapist: the future of AI and emotion

25 June 2019

If your therapist was a robot would you be more or less likely to trust it with your emotional wellbeing? And would you buy a microwave that could press your emotional buttons? Vodafone looks to...

How can Unified Communications benefit your digital transformation strategy?

11 June 2019

Vodafone explains what Unified Communications (UC) is, why it's essential to any digital transformation strategy and how it could open up new opportunities within organisations 

The rise of drones

4 June 2019

With the commercial and domestic use of drones now taking off, government bodies and regulators are watching the situation unfold closely. Vodafone's new research offers practical insights into...

Vodafone to double size of NB-IoT network to expand enterprise possibilities

28 May 2019

'Vodafone for Business' will double the number of European cell sites in its 5G Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) network footprint by the end of 2019

Gartner positions Vodafone as leader in IoT

21 May 2019

Gartner positions Vodafone as a Leader in its latest Magic Quadrant for Managed M2M Services, Worldwide report for the fifth consecutive year

Understanding the needs of local government

30 April 2019

Local government is facing incredible pressure. Vodafone presents the 'local government insight guide', as well as practical tips for helping local government become more digital 

Making a connection: how Vodafone Foundation’s Instant Network is a lifesaver in disaster zones

23 April 2019

When disaster strikes, it is a natural reaction to want to connect with loved ones and seek help. Vodafone presents their Instant Network, which has already provided assistance in over 20 missions...