Suppleye – Breaking news and supplier insights for commercial professionals

Suppleye is a newly launched supplier intelligence tool for commercial professionals. Chris Bennett, CRO at Suppleye, shares three key reasons why the tool is going to be useful for commercial professionals.

By Proxima

09 Feb 2021

Suppleye is a newly launched supplier intelligence tool for commercial professionals, which collates and curates the most relevant and trusted news and sentiment on companies, categories, and other business trends that shape commercial thinking.

In a survey conducted with World Commerce & Contracting over half of commercial professionals (52%) said that they find getting hold of useful news about their suppliers, customers, prospects, and competitors difficult.

Suppleye uses software to solve this problem; finding and sorting millions of sources so that need to know news and sentiments can be presented to the user in an easily digestible format.

Chris Bennett, CRO at Suppleye, shares three key reasons why the tool is going to be useful for commercial professionals.

1. Access a wealth of government supplier insights, for free

Procurement processes are often seen as ‘dry affairs’, but behind the frameworks and tenders, there are lots of major decisions being made from; new innovations to business failures, M&As as well as leadership changes. These are all important when researching markets and procuring or managing suppliers.

The Suppleye mission is to "make our user the most informed person in the room."

This type of information is often hard to come by. It might be infrequent and get missed, or it might be so saturated that there is too much information to sift through. Suppleye solves that, bringing you curated news and information about your commercial partners, as well as wider industry trends.

In creating Suppleye, the team worked with the government to ensure that the largest suppliers to central government departments are included in the platform and covered as part of a free offering within Suppleye. Things brings immediate relevance to many within government commercial functions.

As a result, commercial professionals will have market news and sentiment at their fingertips. Ultimately, if you want more external perspective on your suppliers, Suppleye is there to do the heavy lifting for you.


2. Customised updates made for you

There are existing insight tools, as well as generic search engines, but the critique has always been that with these services, you either receive a narrow perspective (from few sources), which are overly risk focussed, or you are forced to spend a significant amount of time sifting through an abundance of content.

Suppleye searches far and wide, so that you do not have to, saving you time and effort. Moreover, the search algorithms and resulting feeds have been carefully created by commercial professionals, in order to be more focused and useful than a traditional web search or RSS feed, giving you the relevant insights in a fraction of the time.

Suppleye also allows you to “favourite” suppliers and categories, so that you receive a personalised feed of information both within the platform and via email. So, you can search far, and wide, whilst still receiving tailored information.


3. Become the most informed person in the room

The Suppleye mission is to “make our user the most informed person in the room”.

Having well rounded perspectives on suppliers, or even better groups of suppliers (not just yours), will make you look, and feel, well informed.

Having this external perspective is key when creating strategies or trying to bring fresh ideas and context to the internal organisation; telling people something that they do not already know, creates value and builds trust.

In addition to the curated news feeds, Suppleye tracks market sentiment. The Suppleye Scores allow the users to compare and contrast, and find out how a variety of sentiment indicators are trending.

And there is more to come soon, with “pro” and “teams” versions due to launch in 2021 and a supplier content hub, where suppliers can tell you also what they think that you should know!


So is Suppleye for you?

Suppleye launches with some of the largest vendors to UK Government covered, since these are the ones which make the most news and attract the most sentiment. And so if this is your focus, then Suppleye is undoubtedly for you.

“You might be interviewing for a new job, searching for a new supplier, building competitor analysis, managing risks, looking for innovation, or you might just want to look smart with your stakeholders. Relevant and contextual information is useful for building your knowledge, forming opinions, creating relationships and making decisions. Everybody knows someone who knows cool stuff. That person can now be you.”


To find out more about Suppleye and register simply click here.

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