Thursday is no email day!

Written by Joshua Chambers on 21 October 2013

First, he's introduced a 'No Email Day' to the Cabinet Office. One's coming up on Thursday, and Kelly believes it will encourage civil servants to get of their seats and talk to one another, tackling problems "rather than sending long arduous emails". The Government Digital Service had one on 20 June this year, and it received mixed-feedback on Twitter. Some welcomed it, while others said that they'd received just the same volume of emails as ever - and had to spend much of the next day responding. Still, he's trying to change the culture of the civil service, and it'll be interesting to see how people find it.

Second, he reveals that the ERG is using 'agile' methodology to deliver its business-plan objectives. At the end of every quarter, they have a five-day 'sprint' where they quickly decide on their next steps, rather than having the process hanging over them for weeks on end.

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