Let civil servants do their job: the Brexit impact studies should not be published

6 November 2017

If government has to give a running commentary on the Brexit talks, then the negotiations will suffer. Sometimes secrecy can be in the national interest

Book review: Myths of Management – what people get wrong about being the boss

26 October 2017

A new book examines the myths about management in a way that could help many aspiring or experienced managers

Opinion: A new purpose for DExEU in Brexit

10 October 2017

As government struggles to negotiate, legislate and implement Brexit, we need clear accountability. It is rime for DExEU to step up and take charge

From the inside looking out: what life’s really like in DExEU

4 October 2017

Recent high-profile staff moves at the Department for Exiting the European Union have hit the headlines. Victoria Taylor, the FDA trade union’s national officer for DExEU and the Department for...

Opinion: how academic blogs can help civil servants create evidence-based policy

2 October 2017

Recent years has seen a rise in the number of academic blogs that analyse government plans. How can they help make better policy?

Breaking down barriers: how Whitehall can make better use of technology

10 November 2017

Civil Service World brought together a panel of digital leaders to assess how government can make better use of the technology at its disposal to drive innovation in public service...

Safety in numbers: how data can keep us all safe

17 October 2017

Civil Service World brought together a panel of data experts from across the civil service to look at ways of increasing public safety through the better use of data. Mark Rowe reports...

The Mighty and the Almighty review: a new anthology on how political leaders "do God"

11 July 2017

Geoffrey Lyons reviews Nick Spencer’s The Mighty and the Almighty: How Political Leaders do God – a collection of essays on how current and former heads of state engage with faith...