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More Universal Credit delays could cost billions, says NAO

26 November 2014

A further six month delay in the roll-out of Universal Credit could cost the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) £2.3bn in lost societal benefits, according to the National Audit Office (NAO...

cloud storage

Over half of G-Cloud spend going to SMEs

26 November 2014

More than 50% of spend on G-Cloud has gone to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) since its launch in February 2012, according to Crown Commercial Service sales figures.

Picture of a Serco prison offier

Serco still Home Office’s “preferred contractor” for Bedfordshire detention centre

26 November 2014

The Home Office has re-appointed Serco to operate, maintain and manage Yarl’s Wood IRC, despite an ongoing investigation with the Serious Fraud Office.

image of Peter Riddell, director, Institute for Government, in a park

Opinion: Peter Riddell

21 November 2014

Don’t fall for the accepted wisdom. The real story of the coalition lies in the hard data

This image shows Zahir Irani, senior policy advisor at the Cabinet Office

Build your skills: Professor Zahir Irani

18 November 2014

Senior officials are often wary of social media – but new ways of reaching out can help boost your contacts & expertise

Matt Ross

Editorial: a narrow debate on a broad issue

17 November 2014

Francis Maude’s tweaks to a core facet of our democracy have the support of key players. But what about everybody else?

Picture of Merrick Willis

Interview: Merrick Willis

26 November 2014

Merrick Willis, the outgoing chief executive of the Charity for Civil Servants, tells CSW about his organisation’s work to support struggling officials – and the scepticism that he encounters...

Stephen Kelly

Interview: Stephen Kelly

20 November 2014

As the government’s chief operating officer Stephen Kelly returns to the IT industry, he tells Matt Ross that the civil service is being transformed by changing systems, inspirational leaders –...

Picture of Julie Mellor and Jane Martin

Interview: Julie Mellor and Jane Martin

19 November 2014

The women leading the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman and the Local Government Ombudsman are calling for their organisations to be merged and strengthened, making life easier for...

Inhouse employment

Special report: senior civil service recruitment

24 November 2014

Austerity has transformed SCS recruitment. Winnie Agbonlahor finds that departments are now looking more in than out, and shaking it all about. Illustration: Matt Kenyon

Eduserv Round Table

Round table: De-risking a wholesale shift to cloud IT

14 November 2014

As Whitehall looks to the cloud, how do those on the ground mitigate the risks? A recent round table explored the issue, as Samera Owusu Tutu reports.

Newham CCG

Policy in action: CCGs

3 November 2014

Andrew Lansley’s health reforms, designed to put doctors in the driving seat, have been widely panned – and he’s subsequently been sacked. But what do local GPs think? CSW finds out