Photo of Cabinet Office - 70 Whitehall

Civil service diversity reports: Whitehall 'falling short' in efforts to nurture BME talent

27 March 2015

Policies intended to ensure that talented Black and Minority Ethnic civil servants are promoted remain “inconsistent, uncoordinated and lacking real driv...

LGBT flag

Civil service diversity reports: 'Paucity' of LGBT role models in Whitehall

27 March 2015

Report by former Stonewall chief executive, commissioned by the Cabinet Office, says many LGBT staff feel 'pressured to fit into a conventional mould'


Whitehall diversity reports: culture of the senior civil service a 'barrier' to disabled officials

27 March 2015

SCS requirement for 'supreme flexibility' in working is holding back disabled civil servants, one of three government-commissioned reports on...

Fronline: Police call centre

Frontline thoughts from a former police call centre worker: 'Targets were a huge burden'

25 March 2015

A former police call centre worker tells Freya Pascall about the pressures – exacerbated by central government – that led to their resignation. Illustration by John Levers

Dave Penman

Dave Penman: Don’t make HMRC staff the politicians’ punchbag

23 March 2015

Amid the furore around HSBC's Swiss operations, FDA general secretary Dave Penman says we should remember that HMRC has had to...

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Camilla Hagelund: We need fewer MPs, working more effectively

20 March 2015

The quality of legislative scrutiny in the House of Commons is woefully inadequate, argues Reform's Camilla Hagelund

Louise Casey

Speaking truth to power: CSW interviews Troubled Families tsar Louise Casey

24 March 2015

From the homeless and crime victims to the abused children of Rotherham, Louise Casey has spent her career fighting for society’s most vulnerable. Sarah Aston meets her. Photos by Tal Cohen

jim murphy 3

Interview: Jim Murphy

5 March 2015

The referendum could yet prove to be the catalyst that changes Scotland, but for some, the change has been more personal

Leadership lessons

27 March 2015

It’s two years since the launch of the Major Projects Leadership Academy, a training school designed to improve the leadership of big public sector schemes. With 100 graduates now under its belt,...

elderly woman

For better or worse? CSW explores the ins and outs of the Better Care Fund

25 March 2015

After a rocky start, the government’s ambitious plan to integrate health and social care is ready for launch. But is the challenge simply too big? Mark Rowe asks the experts

Ben Goldacre

Being a generalist is great, but institutional memory gets lost: Ben Goldacre on the civil service

13 March 2015

Journalist, doctor and academic Ben Goldacre - author of the acclaimed books Bad Science and Bad Pharma - tells CSW what works and what doesn't in the civil service

Boris Johnson

Review: Boris Johnson's The Churchill Factor

20 March 2015

The London mayor’s adoring paean to Churchill sometimes reads as an effort to reflect some glory back onto its author, writes John Ashmore

Picture of the cover of Ben Yong and Robert Hazell's book on spads

Book Review: Spads: what are they good for?

13 February 2015

Ben Yong and Robert Hazell's book on special advisers is a 'must read' for ministers,  spads and civil servants, says former cabinet secretary Lord O'Donnell