FDA union looks to extend reach below top civil service grades

24 July 2015

Union – which currently represents the most senior tiers of the civil service – launches new organisation aiming to expand into HEO and SEO grades

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EU purdah row: Bernard Jenkin says government has "failed to convince" on civil service safeguards

22 July 2015

Committee chair warns change to rules ahead of Europe vote has "cast a shadow of doubt over the propriety of the process"

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Marcus Rink appointed new chief inspector of drinking water

22 July 2015

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs appoints deputy as new chief of Drinking Water Inspectorate

Philip Hammond MP

Foreign Secretary says FCO will prioritise embassy network in spending review

22 July 2015

Philip Hammond tells MPs that while Treasury's 25% and 40% cuts call likely to be "aspirational", FCO must make "strategic" savings...

Sir Jeremy Heywood, Cabinet secretary

Jeremy Heywood: EU vote “purdah” change will not affect civil service impartiality

21 July 2015

Cabinet secretary says proposed purdah rule change is needed to eliminate legal uncertainty for ministers, and says civil service impartiality will not be undermined

HM Treasury

Spending review 2015: George Osborne asks departments to plan for 25% and 40% resource spending cuts

21 July 2015

Treasury says spending review - set for November 25 - will be a chance to "review the role of government"

A picture of civil servants attending the CSW and NS&I round table July 2015

Joined-up thinking: A round table on collaborative working

22 July 2015

As the purse strings tighten, government departments are seeing the benefits of working together. Tim Gibson reports from a CSW roundtable that explored how best to make collaboration happen

Peter Riddell

Peter Riddell: George Osborne has eased the spending squeeze – but there’s more to come in the autumn

14 July 2015

The Institute for Government director dissects the summer Budget and finds the toughest news is still to come for Whitehall

A picture of Simon Fraser by Paul Heartfield

The art of diplomacy: Simon Fraser interview

24 June 2015

Between advising the foreign secretary on crucial policy matters and overseeing a network of 13,600 staff – 9,000 of whom are overseas – arch-diplomat Sir Simon Fraser has been busy championing...

Francis Maude by Paul Heartfield

The Francis Maude interview: "Buy-in is great, but the civil service doesn’t have a veto on its own reform"

30 April 2015

As Cabinet Office minister, Francis Maude has overseen the biggest shake-up of the civil service in living memory – and earned a reputation as ‘a man trying to fight everyone in the pub at the...

Lord Falconer photographed for CSW by Louise Haywood-Schiefer

Ready to govern? Lord Falconer on Labour's plans for the civil service

27 April 2015

Lord Falconer is the man entrusted by Ed Miliband with preparing Labour for government. Here he speaks to Matt Foster about the party’s plans for Whitehall, and why he thinks the coalition has got...

Margaret Hodge photographed by Paul Heartfield for Civil Service World

Quizzing the inquisitor: the Margaret Hodge interview

16 April 2015

Before Margaret Hodge returned to being simply the Labour candidate for Barking, she spoke to Matt Foster about HMRC, claims of grandstanding...

Alastair Campbell

'Civil servants still phone me up on the sly' - CSW interviews Alastair Campbell

9 April 2015

Alastair Campbell helped change the relationship between government and Whitehall forever. But it wasn’t all bad, he tells JP O’Malley – in fact civil servants still phone him up for advice today...

Louise Casey

Speaking truth to power: CSW interviews Troubled Families tsar Louise Casey

24 March 2015

From the homeless and crime victims to the abused children of Rotherham, Louise Casey has spent her career fighting for society’s most vulnerable. Sarah Aston meets her. Photos by Tal Cohen

Elizabeth Truss

Farming it out: Is Defra’s latest open data push the shape of things to come?

28 July 2015

Environment secretary Liz Truss has hailed Defra’s new Open Data Initiative as the biggest ever "data give-away" by government. But what will it mean in practice? Mark Rowe reports

Energy & environment

Climate of uncertainty: What's next for Decc and Defra?

23 July 2015

The countryside and climate change were strangely absent from the election campaign and the Queen’s Speech. Why – and what does this mean for DECC, Defra and the governance of the environment?...

"You'll be found out if you don't have real experience" – Sir David Normington's tips for getting into the Senior Civil Service

7 July 2015

As first Civil Service Commissioner, Sir David Normington regularly interviews...

A picture of two Not Safe for Work characters

(Un)civil service: Channel 4’s new Whitehall comedy reviewed

1 July 2015

Channel 4’s new comedy pokes fun at Whitehall, but it’s more Skins than The Thick of It, says Sarah Aston

A picture of the First ever printed copy of Magna Carta, 1508, on display in Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy.

Exhibition review: Magna Carta – Law, Liberty, Legacy

30 March 2015

The British Library’s major new show marks the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. After a morning spent among scrolls and artifacts – including King John’s back molars – Jacqueline Tenreiro gives...

Boris Johnson

Review: Boris Johnson's The Churchill Factor

20 March 2015

The London mayor’s adoring paean to Churchill sometimes reads as an effort to reflect some glory back onto its author, writes John Ashmore