Opinion: Dave Penman, FDA

25 February 2015

All the main parties agree on the need to make savings – but simply rearranging the deckchairs won’t be enough

A picture of Jane Dudman

Opinion: Jane Dudman

19 February 2015

As Francis Maude prepares to stand down as an MP, what legacy does he leave behind after five years as Cabinet Office minister?

A picture of an African landscape

Beyond the comfort zone: Michael Anderson

13 February 2015

A monthly interview with people who’ve crossed organisational and sectoral boundaries to join a new working world. Michael Anderson moved from the Cabinet Office to the philanthropic...

A picture of Kevin Hyland

Interview: Kevin Hyland

26 February 2015

As Britain’s first anti-slavery commissioner, Kevin Hyland is on a mission to set people free – with the help of some friends in very high places. Sarah Aston spoke to him.

A picture of Ruth Owen

Interview: Ruth Owen

24 February 2015

Ruth Owen, director general of personal tax, tells Samera Owusu Tutu about her efforts to raise morale – and perhaps even a smile – at HMRC

A picture of John Vine

Interview: John Vine

23 February 2015

As the UK’s first independent chief inspector of borders and immigration, John Vine gave the Home Office a few nasty nips. But don’t read too much into his early departure, he tells Sarah Aston...

A picture of Sir Bob Kerslake with CSW editor Jess Bowie

Lunch with... Sir Bob Kerslake

2 March 2015

Outgoing DCLG perm sec and former head of the civil service Sir Bob Kerslake chews the fat with Jess Bowie

Mike Bracken sitting at his laptop

Rebooting the government

26 February 2015

Mike Bracken on how Whitehall’s digital revolution has resulted in big savings – and better services

A picture of a flying drone with camera

Automatic for the people: how global governments are using AI

18 February 2015

Robocop might not be a reality yet – but governments are using artificial intelligence in everything from law enforcement to medicine, says Joshua Chambers

Picture of the cover of Ben Yong and Robert Hazell's book on spads

Book Review: Spads: what are they good for?

13 February 2015

Ben Yong and Robert Hazell's book on special advisers is a 'must read' for ministers,  spads and civil servants, says former cabinet secretary Lord O'Donnell

Whitehall sign

Book Review: The Whitehall Effect

11 February 2015

In spite of its negativity, John Seddon’s analysis should make Whitehall sit up and take notice, says Labour MP Barry Sheerman