sketch image of a laptop

Voting is now open

22 July 2014

In the first of a series of articles examining digital services, Tim Gibson explains online voter registration – a new IT system lying at the very heart of our democracy.

Iain Rennie, New Zealand's state services commissioner

Collective responsibilities

18 July 2014

Top New Zealand official Iain Rennie is reforming a system often lauded in the UK. Suzannah Brecknell reports

portrait image of John Pullinger

Interview: John Pullinger

21 July 2014

John Pullinger has this month started his new job as the UK’s new national statistician. He tells Winnie Agbonlahor about his priorities in the role.

portrait photo of Jil Matheson

Interview: Jil Matheson

18 June 2014

During her 30-year civil service career, national statistician Jil Matheson has seen a lot of change. The UK Statistics Authority chief discusses the ever-evolving roles of data-crunchers with...

A picture of Ngaire Woods

Interview: Ngaire Woods, Blavatnik School of Government

4 June 2014

The head of Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government is a fan of the British civil service – but it’s being battered by some heavyweight global forces, she says, and must learn a new...

The image shows Sir Bob Kerslake, Sir Jeremy Heywood, Sir Nicholas Macpherson and Richard Heaton at a select committee

Heywood: cross-government working ‘problematic’

18 July 2014

The government has found cross-departmental working more “problematic” than improving coordination at the centre, cabinet secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood told the Public Accounts Committee...

The illustration shows characters shopping for ethically labelled clothes with 'integrity guaranteed'

Ethical shoppers

16 July 2014

The Committee on Standards in Public Life thinks it knows how to halt the seemingly endless scandals about outsourcing. Report by Colin Marrs. Illustration by John Levers

image of the outdoor pools of the Szechenyi baths, filled with swimmers and tourists

Travel: Budapest, Hungary

6 June 2014

When you don’t have the time to go on long holidays, planning the perfect weekend get-away becomes of crucial importance: the ideal spot should be far away, but easy to reach; warm, but not too...

image of  ‘Faccia da Vecchia’ pizza with some other dishes in the background

Restaurant: Olivelli

25 May 2014

It’s nice to have a regular restaurant; one in which a meal is both a special occasion, and a deeply comfortable experience. And in recent years, with a few old friends I’ve found just such a...

image of a beef Bibimbap dish

Restaurant: Bibimbap

29 April 2014

If drinks on a Friday night should ever take you to the West End, I would heartily recommend paying a visit to Bibimbap: a Korean restaurant in the heart of Soho’s hustle and bustle. One...