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Poll: Health workers cast verdict on parties' NHS pledges

5 May 2015

New poll of health workers by Dods Research finds Labour most trusted on NHS, but there is doubt over the main parties' policy pledges

Tom Read

Tom Read steps down as Cabinet Office CTO

1 May 2015

Tom Read leaves chief technology officer job at the Cabinet Office as CTO brief is rolled into new chief digital officer role

Gus O'Donnell on the election: People "underestimating" potential stability of a minority government

1 May 2015

Former cabinet secretary Gus O'Donnell says fixed term parliament act means minority...

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Avoiding the pitfalls of public-private joint ventures

5 May 2015

"Newco" partnerships between the public and private sectors may be complex, but lawyer Louise Fullwood argues that good preparation can help cut the risks

Big data

Big data: get it right, and the benefits for policy-making could be huge

1 May 2015

"Big data" promises big rewards for government, says Douglas Beal of the Centre for Public Impact. But it must be driven by policy objectives and...

Professor Zahir Irani

Build your skills: What makes a good leader?

30 April 2015

Successful leaders mix ambition, resilience, and the ability to ditch ideas that aren’t working, argues Brunel University’s Professor Zahir Irani

Lord Falconer photographed for CSW by Louise Haywood-Schiefer

Ready to govern? Lord Falconer on Labour's plans for the civil service

27 April 2015

Lord Falconer is the man entrusted by Ed Miliband with preparing Labour for government. Here he speaks to Matt Foster about the party’s plans for Whitehall, and why he thinks the coalition has got...

Margaret Hodge photographed by Paul Heartfield for Civil Service World

Quizzing the inquisitor: the Margaret Hodge interview

16 April 2015

Before Margaret Hodge returned to being simply the Labour candidate for Barking, she spoke to Matt Foster about HMRC, claims of grandstanding...

Alastair Campbell

'Civil servants still phone me up on the sly' - CSW interviews Alastair Campbell

9 April 2015

Alastair Campbell helped change the relationship between government and Whitehall forever. But it wasn’t all bad, he tells JP O’Malley – in fact civil servants still phone him up for advice today...

10 Downing Street

"Squatter in Downing Street" and other myths: does Britain need clearer rules around caretaker government?

28 April 2015

Caretaker government is meant to reassure the public and the markets that there’s someone in charge in the event of an indecisive election. But what if the rules aren’t clear? Matt Foster takes a...

Top of the class? Two years of the Major Projects Leadership Academy

27 April 2015

It’s two years since the launch of the Major Projects Leadership Academy, a training school designed to improve the leadership of big public sector schemes. With 100 graduates now under its belt,...

Closing the gap: A look at government as a platform

20 April 2015

Across the world, central and local governments are doing more to share common IT systems. Joshua Chambers looks at global examples of “government as a platform”

A picture of the First ever printed copy of Magna Carta, 1508, on display in Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy.

Exhibition review: Magna Carta – Law, Liberty, Legacy

30 March 2015

The British Library’s major new show marks the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. After a morning spent among scrolls and artifacts – including King John’s back molars – Jacqueline Tenreiro gives...

Boris Johnson

Review: Boris Johnson's The Churchill Factor

20 March 2015

The London mayor’s adoring paean to Churchill sometimes reads as an effort to reflect some glory back onto its author, writes John Ashmore