Adrian Dottridge

Interview: Adrian Dottridge

7 April 2014

As head of civil service workforce reform, Adrian Dottridge oversees controversial reforms to pensions, pay & T&Cs. Winnie Agbonlahor hears him explain why his team members don’t deserve...

Oliver Morley, DVLA

Interview: Oliver Morley, DVLA

4 April 2014

New DVLA chief Oliver Morley has arrived in the wake of a major review of the transport department agency, and will soon be joined by a new chair. Suzannah Brecknell learns that the scene is set...

Interview: Lord Bew, CSPL

22 March 2014

The Committee on Standards in Public Life was established to keep our politicians and public employees honest. Its chair Lord Bew admits to Joshua Chambers that it’s losing both staff,...

picture of Labour shadow Cabinet Office minister Michael Dugher

Re-forming the reform debate

17 April 2014

Gordon Brown launched a set of Whitehall efficiency initiatives; the coalition ramped things up a gear. And as this Parliament begins to wind down, civil service reform is back on the agenda again...

Offender tag

The price tag for failure

4 April 2014

Two major suppliers were charging the Ministry of Justice for the electronic tagging of people who didn’t exist. Colin Marrs investigates how we ended up in this position, and what’s being done to...

Cartoon image

Shearing away poor suppliers

4 April 2014

Procurement rules have long been denounced as tangled by British civil servants and ministers alike. Joshua Chambers reports on new reforms that have sought to cut away the excess and allow...

The Parcel Yard

Restaurant: The Parcel Yard

3 April 2014

When my friend invited me to the Parcel Yard at King’s Cross Station, my hopes for a pleasant venue weren’t high. Having spent a fair bit of time awaiting trains, waiting for arrivals or seeking...

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Film: Grand Budapest Hotel

3 April 2014

After railways, hotels are the best setting for intrigue, romance and murder – locations where people take only the baggage they need, leaving everything else behind and experimenting in ways they...

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Cafe: Adobo

20 March 2014

A burrito place that doesn’t have any beans: could anything be more frustrating‽ In fact, the only upside of eating at Adobo in Victoria is that I can utilise the trusty interrobang (‽) in...

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Cabinet Office publishes EMOs guidance

3 December 2013

So here it is! The Cabinet Office has finally published its much-awaited guidance on Extended Ministerial Offices (EMOs).

Why is the National Crime Agency a non-ministerial department?

21 November 2013

Last month, Jill Rutter of the Institute for Government questioned why the new National Crime Agency has been made a non-ministerial department.

Thursday is no email day!

21 October 2013

Stephen Kelly, government's chief operating officer, has uploaded a YouTube video for his team in the Cabinet Office's Efficiency and Reform Group. In it, there are two messages that civil...