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Bright start: reviewing a decade of Whitehall apprentices

4 December 2017

As the civil service apprenticeships drive moves up a gear, Cabinet Office early talent manager Kimberley Adderley looks back on a decade of progress with Whitehall veteran Ian Watmore

Transformation and collaboration in action: reflections on Public Bodies Week

1 December 2017

Susanna Smith from the Public Chairs’ Forum and Association of Chief Executives highlights the key themes – from relocations to Brexit – being discussed at Cabinet Office’s Public Bodies Week

A private sector hitchhiker’s guide to the civil service

1 December 2017

As she leaves government to return to the private sector, Sherin Aminossehe shares her lessons from working in Whitehall – from the ministers to the acronyms

Opinion: How to maintain healthy public bodies

30 November 2017

From weather forecasting to healthcare inspection, public bodies play a crucial role in maintaining public services. Lesley Ann Nash, the director for public bodies reform at the Cabinet Office, explains what government is doing to keep them fit for purpose

‘A demonstration of the aesthetics of public policy’: Sir Peter Housden on how the Scottish Government introduced a minimum price for alcohol

24 November 2017

A court ruling this month means a Scottish Government plan to introduce a minimum price for alcohol will finally go ahead. Its introduction is a nothing short of a thing of beauty in policymaking

Hammond's Budget pours more fuel on the house price fire

23 November 2017

The plans announced in the 2017 Budget may help to tackle Britain’s housing shortage in the long term. But in the short term, the extension of Help to Buy and the abolition of stamp duty for first-time buyers is good politics but poor policy.

Garry Graham: Budget pay betrayal for civil servants

22 November 2017

Philip Hammond’s decision to not set out plans to lift the pay cap for civil servants has placed the government on a collision course with its own staff

Opinion: Devolution agenda shows signs of life in Budget speech

22 November 2017

New commitments to move powers out of Westminster were the bright spots in a Budget speech that didn’t address some of the key challenges faced at the frontline of much public service delivery

Colin Talbot: Where to look to get real Budget picture

22 November 2017

Amid the theatre of the House of Commons, much Budget detail is hidden away in the Red Book, reveals the bigger picture for the public sector

Diversity strategy: 'The civil service is finally listening to BAME voices'

20 November 2017

Rob Neil, chair of Civil Service Race Forum, argues this strategy moves beyond a tick box approach to diversity and calls for a radical culture shift across government