Brexit negotiations: former Number 10 advisor Jonathan Powell on how to get the deal done

19 June 2017

Veteran negotiator Jonathan Powell has had a hand in some of the most important deals in the UK’s recent history. He offers some Brexit wisdom to John Ashmore

Not picking up the Slack: Whitehall instant messaging clampdown reveals lack of trust in civil servants

23 June 2017

Group chat services can make civil servants more efficient by reducing email overload. If government does not embrace them, it will lose out

Carol Tullo interview: National Archives director on leadership, digital record-keeping, and the benefits of peer support

1 June 2017

After starting her career in law Carol Tullo has now worked in the civil service for 20 years. She talks to Suzannah Brecknell about two decades worth of change, Whitehall milestones and the...

Union: minority government ‘has no mandate’ to hike pension age

16 June 2017

Civil service mainstay Prospect warns new work and pensions secretary not to raise retirement bar

Running to catch up? How the public and charity sectors are more similar than you think

25 May 2017

Dan Corry, former special adviser and head of the charity think tank NPC, argues that the public and charity sectors must learn from each other as they face joint challenges of capacity,...

Charities using own funds to subsidise public sector contracts, research finds

24 May 2017

Two-thirds of charities who have contracts with the public sector need to use their own funds to deliver these contracts, according to think tank NPC