About Civil Service World

Civil Service World exists to help civil service leaders and managers understand their working environments and achieve more in their jobs. Providing authoritative, high-quality journalism to the civil service and national politicians, our print title is the only independent professional publication available to every senior civil servant in the UK.

The brand’s success is based both on our unique access to top Whitehall officials, and the trust we’ve built up across government. For more than a decade, we’ve worked to keep civil servants informed about what’s happening across government: the people, agendas, policies and reforms that – for good or ill – affect your working life. Both magazine and website are produced by Dods, the specialist political publishing house.

CSW online offers a free daily bulletin of the latest independent civil service news, opinion and analysis straight to your inbox, and breaking news alerts for those can't-miss stories. Sign up now and stay up-to-date with the issues that matter to you.


Sir Jeremy Heywood, cabinet secretary:

"It is literally quite difficult for the head of the civil service and the cabinet secretary to put out a single message that gets to all civil servants. And by far the way the most effective way of doing that is to have an interview with you in Civil Service World, to get an article in Civil Service World. At every stage on the way we know that you’ll give us fair reporting, you’ll try and present stories from a civil service perspective, and we really appreciate having a friend – a critical friend, but a friend – at this time when we are coming under so much pressure and the civil service has got so many challenges."

Sir Bob Kerslake, former head of the civil service:

"Civil Service World is a vital way in which we can connect with civil servants, but it only works if two things apply: first, that it’s readable; and second, that it’s independent – and while that will mean some discomfort on occasions, for me that is a price well worth paying for a paper that’s a very powerful mechanism for communicating to civil servants".

Lord O'Donnell, former cabinet secretary

"I can’t remember permanent secretaries ever giving interviews in the newspapers until Civil Service World appeared, but you’ve managed to tempt them in. And those interviews give a lot of people a window into the range and diversity of the civil service and its work. CSW has been a critical friend to the civil service. It’s definitely a friend, but it’s also critical – and that’s the right balance, I’m sure."

Meet the editorial team

Jess Bowie, Editor
Jess became editor of Civil Service World in December 2014. She joined CSW’s parent company Dods in 2012 as a writer and sub-editor, and went on to become content editor of The House magazine and subsequently deputy editor of Total Politics. Before DodsJess worked for a variety of publications, including environmental lifestyle magazine National Geographic Green and Japanese newswireJiji Press.

Jessica.Bowie@dodsgroup.com | @CSWEditor | 020 7593 5608

Richard Johnstone, Deputy and online editor
Richard Johnstone joined CSW in 2017. He was previously senior reporter for Public Finance. He leads CSW's daily news coverage and oversees its online output.
richard.johnstone@dodsgroup.com@RichardRJohnstone | 020 7593 5588 

Suzannah Brecknell, senior reporter
Suzannah joined Civil Service World in 2010, as the general election gave way to a period of significant corporate and policy reform for the civil service. She has an MA in journalism from the London College of Communication, and a track record of editing magazines on public services management – including schools title Education Executive, and healthcare publication Practice Business. With particular expertise in data journalism, Suzannah has taken the lead role in researching and producing many of CSW’s ground-breaking Special Reports.
suzannah.brecknell@dodsgroup.com | 

Wendy Miller, Digital Sales Director

Wendy has almost 25 years of advertising and marketing experience, starting her career in local press at the age of 17. Since then, she’s worked for countless organisations that had a multiplatform and cross-media requirement – for both consumer and B2B target audiences. Previous employers include numerous national media titles such as the Daily Mirror, Loot and, more recently, the GuardianWendy joined Dods to focus on developing a commercial digital strategy that will both benefit clients, and meet the digital content needs of our growing online audiences of civil servants.

wendy.miller@dods.co.uk  | 020 7593 5501/07885 706735

The CSW story

In February 2004, political publisher Dods launched Whitehall & Westminster World. A sister title to parliamentarians’ magazine The House, this fortnightly newspaper gave top civil servants an unprecedented ability to speak to their peers across government – piercing the departmental boundaries which obstruct communication in Whitehall. Buoyed by the government’s drives for cross-departmental working and greater transparency, WWW persuaded permanent secretaries and agency chief executives to step out of the shadows and get their messages across in this trusted, level-headed publication.

Five years later, we changed the publication’s name to Civil Service World – reflecting its mission to serve agencies and NDPBs as well as core departments, and civil servants based outside London as well as those in the capital. This coincided with CSW taking a more objective and independent line in its news and features coverage: having won the trust of the very top ranks of the civil service, the aim was to expand our readership by offering more realistic, intelligent reporting on the tricky organisational and policy issues facing departments and agencies. In 2013, Dods relaunched www.civilserviceworld.com as a straightforward, accessible news website, with a refreshed monthly magazine focusing on in-depth features, interviews and analysis.

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