Civil Service World and its website welcome contributions from all those interested in government, management and civil service issues. Articles may be used in the print title or online, depending on both space and which audience would find them most interesting and valuable.

Those considering submitting an article should first discuss it with editorial staff, in order to test our interest, discuss the topic and structure, consider illustrations and presentation, and ensure that the final article meets our requirements. The central test of a suggested article is this:

  • Will readers in the civil service find it an objective, well-informed piece that holds their interest and offers new information, helping them to develop their careers and realise their goals at work?

An expression of interest in publishing an article does not guarantee publication, and we retain the right to edit submitted material as we choose – though any substantial changes will be run by the author before publication. Authors must be willing to answer queries put by our editors. Texts should be between 500 and 1500 words.

In pursuit of our central test, all submissions will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Is it exclusive? (Has it been published elsewhere previously?);
  • Is it targeted at our audience’s needs and interests?
  • Does it provide market information, analysis or explanations that will interest and inform our readers, helping them in their working lives?
  • Might reasonable readers suspect that we have been paid to publish the article?

There are also a handful of rules governing acceptable submissions, though editorial staff may choose to waive these following discussions with the author.

Authors may not write directly about their own work, beyond the use of anecdotes and case studies that illustrate a broader point. We are keen to share with readers our contributors’ expertise and experience in relevant fields, but this rule – aimed mainly at PR firms – helps minimise the submissions in which private businesses write in uncritical and self-serving terms about their own products and services;

Submissions must fall into one of three categories. Opinion pieces require an opinion to be expressed; analysis articles must examine a topic or event of interest to the readers; and features must gather and present comment from a range of sources on a topic of interest to the readers. All of them must draw conclusions;

The author must be willing to explain to CSW exactly how their work has been funded;

Author credits must come in the format name/job title/organisation. We can also publish a web name and/or link to a website, but no logos.

To discuss your article idea, contact Jess Bowie or Suzannah Brecknell on the editorial team. If you work for a private company or charity and your article idea does not comply with these rules, then please contact our public sector engagement team. All contact details are available on our contact page