18 July 2018

The government has effectively told civil servants it values them less than other public sector workers, says Prospect’s deputy general secretary. This cannot go unchallenged

11 July 2018

The land of NHS founder Aneurin Bevan, Wales has seen a lot of changes since the health service was created 70 years ago. The Welsh Government’s top health official Andrew Goodall reflects on the...

4 July 2018

FDA general secretary says ministers must step up and champion their civil servants after "contemptible” process led unions to call for Treasury pay guidance to be withdrawn

2 July 2018

Academics love nothing more than conversations with like-minded thinkers trying to solve problems. Here’s how the civil service can use these discussions to improve policy

26 June 2018

The new pay remit is not acceptable and government departments and agencies need to stand up to the Cabinet Office and the Treasury to get fair and funded increases for staff, says Prospect’s...

19 June 2018

Government's national technology adviser discusses why getting digital reforms through the machinery of government may require some help from Jason Bourne

17 July 2018

One year after the snap election which led to major changes Theresa May’s team, Kevin Schofield and Sebastian Whale talk to No 10 insiders, ministers and backbench Tories to find out more about...

5 July 2018

The NHS has been through many “reorganisation convulsions” as successive governments sought to redefine the relationship between health services and Whitehall. Richard Vize looks at the most...

29 June 2018

A refreshed plan to move civil servants out of London to be published this summer could be a landmark change to how civil servants work. Richard Johnstone looks at what to expect

11 July 2017

Geoffrey Lyons reviews Nick Spencer’s The Mighty and the Almighty: How Political Leaders do God – a collection of essays on how current and former heads of state engage with faith...