6 December 2018

Brexit is already transforming much more than the UK’s relationship with the EU. But amid the uncertainty and acrimony, can politicians, officials and voters seize the chance to make change for...

9 November 2018

Philip Hammond heralded an end to austerity, but with growing pressures set to squeeze services further, his Budget can’t meet the public’s expectations

31 October 2018

Black History Month reminds us that celebrating differences helps people understand other people’s experiences and illustrates the opportunity to create a culture where everyone can help push the...

22 October 2018
The civil service is too reliant on generalists bluffing their way to the top. So how do we change that? Ask the bluffers, of course
19 October 2018

When the history of Brexit is written, it will be some of this country’s political leaders, not its civil service, that will be subject to the harshest scrutiny, says the former DWP perm sec

28 November 2018

The government’s recent moves to get the expansion of airport capacity off the ground are the latest twist in one of the UK’s longest running policy sagas. Richard Johnstone considers whether this...