3 December 2019

Last week’s leak gives some insights on trade talks, but the government needs to be more open to get the best results

26 November 2019

The argument for government to use business cases is they force a structured conversation about spending, says Andrew Greenway. This is a good idea, but where government puts its money is based on...

13 November 2019

Pre-election talks with shadow ministers pose challenges for permanent secretaries – but are also an opportunity to meet ambitious manifesto commitments with an early dose of realism, says IfG's...

31 October 2019

Brexit has created a political crisis, but the civil service has stopped it becoming even more destructive, says the former DWP perm sec

18 October 2019

Boris Johnson has hailed his new Brexit deal with the EU ahead of a parliamentary vote tomorrow. What’s changed since the last one?

15 October 2019

Former officials have an increasingly public role in national debate – is that always a good thing? Suzannah Brecknell explores how retired mandarins balance their duty to contribute to the public...

27 November 2019

On this week's episode of The Civil Service World Podcast, Jess and Suzannah speak to social worker Ryan Wise and Katie Rose from the Centre for Public Impact about a new blueprint for social work...

22 November 2019

Leading the way on combatting climate change could easily be an all-consuming task for the civil service, in the absence of other priorities. In the first of a two-part feature, Mark Rowe looks at...

5 November 2019

To mark the second annual Geographers in Government conference, Jon Pickstone explains how geographers’ skills can help improve policy and outcomes

23 July 2019

Some surprising figures have invited management consultants into Whitehall over the past six decades, although their private-sector expertise has not always been directed where it was needed most...

17 June 2019

Isabel Hardman’s examination of the inhabitants of parliament reveals some of the factors that have contributed to the country’s current crisis, writes Anthony Fitzsimmons

24 May 2019

A vivid account by a meritocratic polymath, Lord Levene’s memoirs leave Peter Hennessy pondering why peacetime Britain produces so few ‘fixers’ of his calibre