26 March 2020

The UK government blazed a trail on digital innovation, but others are catching up fast and it would be all too easy to squander the advantage of earlier work

15 March 2020

The government’s Covid-19 response has been driven by expert advice, in a way that isn’t always clear in public policy. Can it stay that way throughout the crisis?

11 March 2020

Plans to merge the Treasury and No.10 teams of political advisers have led to questions about where power lies in the centre of government. Richard Johnstone seeks answers

19 February 2020

The UK government has kept the devolved administrations at arm’s length during the Brexit process. That makes for fraught relationships

31 January 2020

In our January issue, CSW asks experts to give their thoughts on the new government’s policy priorities. In this final entry, former HM chief inspector of prisons and Parole Board chair...

18 March 2020

Since its launch in 2017, the ONS Data Science Campus has delivered many innovative projects to support the government’s work in areas ranging from Brexit negotiations to the early stages of the...

5 March 2020

Tom Hurd, director general of the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism in the Home Office, explains the organisation’s role and his priorities for this year’s Security & Policing event...

4 March 2020

To mark this year’s annual Security & Policing conference, CSW interviews experts including the National Crime Agency’s Lynne Owens and the Joint Security and Resilience Centre’s Angela Essel...

23 July 2019

Some surprising figures have invited management consultants into Whitehall over the past six decades, although their private-sector expertise has not always been directed where it was needed most...

17 June 2019

Isabel Hardman’s examination of the inhabitants of parliament reveals some of the factors that have contributed to the country’s current crisis, writes Anthony Fitzsimmons

24 May 2019

A vivid account by a meritocratic polymath, Lord Levene’s memoirs leave Peter Hennessy pondering why peacetime Britain produces so few ‘fixers’ of his calibre