29 May 2020

Gareth Davies, head of the National Audit Office, shares his thoughts on auditing the government’s response to Covid-19 and the launch of the NAO’s new strategy

16 April 2020

As the civil service responds to the immense challenges of  the coronavirus pandemic, they have achieved something incredible - leaving Dave Penman (almost) lost for words

3 April 2020

Only the prime minister can address the growing fracture in the relationship between ministers and officials. But will he?

2 April 2020

NHS staff deserve our support on the frontline of the battle against coronavirus, but they are supported by an unseen army of dedicated people. Let’s think of them tonight too, says Prospect’s...

26 March 2020

The UK government blazed a trail on digital innovation, but others are catching up fast and it would be all too easy to squander the advantage of earlier work

6 May 2020

Prof Geoff Mulgan, former head of Tony Blair's Strategy Unit, talks to Colin Talbot about how the UK government put in place risk and resilience systems in the early 2000s – and what has gone...

22 April 2020

A much-anticipated takeover by the Foreign Office of the Department for International Development has yet to materialise – but the appointment of an entirely joint ministerial team has sparked...

17 April 2020

How has Australia reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic? Colin Talbot speaks to Australian academics Janine O'Flynn and Helen Dickinson about how the country's unique government system has...

23 July 2019

Some surprising figures have invited management consultants into Whitehall over the past six decades, although their private-sector expertise has not always been directed where it was needed most...

17 June 2019

Isabel Hardman’s examination of the inhabitants of parliament reveals some of the factors that have contributed to the country’s current crisis, writes Anthony Fitzsimmons

24 May 2019

A vivid account by a meritocratic polymath, Lord Levene’s memoirs leave Peter Hennessy pondering why peacetime Britain produces so few ‘fixers’ of his calibre