27 February 2018

Parliament’s senior learning projects officer Claire Bogue describes the work behind a recently launched Massive Open Online Course on select committees

16 February 2018

Challenging gender discrimination must be part of a wider drive to build a culture that supports all types of diversity

16 February 2018

Cabinet secretaries hold the fort in times of crisis and have seen splits over Europe come and go. Here’s why one of them thinks Brexit will be a civil service renaissance

13 February 2018

As the pay cap is being lifted for other parts of the public sector, SCS pay reform needs ambition and commitment, not aspirational blather

12 February 2018

The fall of construction firm turned outsourcing giant Carillion comes at a time when criticism of private provision of public services is rising. Richard Johnstone looks at Whitehall’s response...

30 January 2018

Tola Ayoola explains how a new scheme is harnessing a civil service tradition to support talent from all parts of the service

7 March 2018

Julie Taylor is committed to the civil service’s apprenticeship strategy and tells us more about its ambition and success

1 March 2018

CSW's sister title PublicTechnology talks to Sara Huntingdon about the Space for Smarter Government Programme’s work with Whitehall and the wider public sector

11 July 2017

Geoffrey Lyons reviews Nick Spencer’s The Mighty and the Almighty: How Political Leaders do God – a collection of essays on how current and former heads of state engage with faith...