13 May 2019

Civil servants have always worked under pressure, but Brexit has upped the level considerably. Sneering at departments helping staff deal with stress benefits no-one, says Andrew Greenway

9 April 2019

The government's Outsourcing Playbook addresses some big problems in outsourcing, but there are still gaps to be plugged, writes Benoit Guerin

4 March 2019

Civil servants are rightly angry that MPs are getting almost double their pay increase after being told they cannot get any more because of affordability concerns, says Prospect’s Garry Graham

1 March 2019

If set up properly and honoured, pay review bodies deliver better results for officials. Now all we need is for ministers to stop ignoring their advice…

24 May 2019

In the latest of our series about civil service leavers, we meet former diplomat Lynda Burns who is retraining as a teacher through the NowTeach scheme 

20 May 2019

Since 2008 departments have been required to report data breaches every year. In this exclusive research, SA Mathieson digs through the numbers to uncover government's biggest security challenges...

20 May 2019

A ground-breaking Scottish Government drive to better link policies to outcomes has just gone through a major overhaul. Richard Johnstone went to Edinburgh to hear more about the National...

24 May 2019

A vivid account by a meritocratic polymath, Lord Levene’s memoirs leave Peter Hennessy pondering why peacetime Britain produces so few ‘fixers’ of his calibre

18 January 2019

Has the age of Twitter changed the Foreign Office – or just what we expect from documentaries? Sue Cameron considers the BBC’s recent exploration of the FCO