Watch on demand - Counter-fraud strategies: Trends and best practice in the public sector

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Fraud against the public sector continue to increase year on year. The latest report by the Cabinet Office reveals that detected fraud and error across government was £310m in the 2019-20 period, a 51% increase on the 2018-19 total.

Fighting fraud across central government has been particularly challenging in the Covid-19 era. As digital communications have been the main point of contact between citizens and public services, fraudsters have been using innovative technology to impersonate digital identities and social engineering techniques, taking advantage of the weakest link in cyber defence — the human layer.

In this webinar, our expert panel will discuss the most pressing issues around tackling fraud in the public sector and examine why counter-fraud mechanisms are different from the traditional strategies seen in the private sector. Join us on Tuesday 18th January, and you will come away with actionable advice for the detection and prevention of fraud in your department.

We’ll explore:

The latest policies and updates on trends in fraud affecting public sector organisations

Why the treatment of fraud in the public sector is different from other industries

How to challenge digital identities

Case studies showcasing best practices in preventing, identifying, and prosecuting fraud



Neil Green
Deputy Director, Counter Fraud and Investigation, GIAA

Benjamin Godfrey
Deputy Director for Fraud Strategy, HMRC

Mark Button                                                                                                                       Professor, University of Portsmouth

Jessica Bowie
Editor, CSW

Colin Gray
Principal Consultant, SAS  



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