CSW Roundtable | How do you design optimal digital services for your users?

In any digital transformation project, it can be easy to overlook the human factor in embedding new processes. Getting buy-in from those using online public services is vital to increasing take-up and therefore the effectiveness of the service. We will discuss how civil servants can understand, empathise with, and design for the people who matter the most to them – both citizens and civil servants. We will look at how cultural, behavioural and emotional factors influence user experience in the digital world and the design implications.

Organised with the support of global business and digital services consultancy Cognizant, our roundtable will bring together civil servants and their peers from the private sector – including Phil Pavitt (Global CIO Specsavers, also previously CIO HMRC and Aviva) – to explore key areas of potential, as well as red lines that must not be crossed.

The panel will discuss:


  • What approaches to designing the user and citizen digital experience are being used by the Government? What are their advantages and disadvantages and how do they compare to the private sector in, for example, retail?
  • Are all projects achieving their initial aims? How important is the human science design approach to this?
  • What is the most useful information to gather about users?
  • What could the public sector learn from other industries/private sector and vice versa?
  • How should that information be used to optimise the user and citizen experience?
  • What are the challenges to adopting a human science approach to design?

If you have any questions or are interested in attending this discussion, please contact roundtables@dodsgroup.com or 0207 593 5673.

Tuesday, 20 June, 2017 - 12:30 to 14:30
Westminster, London
United Kingdom

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