Watch on demand: Data science in the civil service - How to build capability to rewire government

Watch on-demand: Data Science In The Civil Service - How to build capability to rewire government

The Declaration on Government Reform set out a commitment to “put data at the heart of our decision-making”. There are already some pockets of data-excellence in government, thanks to many years’ work developing skills and capability both in centres of deep expertise such as the Office for National Statistics’ Data Science Campus, and through wider reforms such as rolling-out data training for perm secs.

But how do we move from the current landscape – where the benefits of data and analytics are broadly understood but only play a key role in certain policy areas – to the ultimate goal of a landscape where data is used not just to improve decision-making but to design better policies and processes right across government?

This session brought together data leaders from government and the private to ask how we can bridge the divide between government’s data scientists and its policy and operational teams, building capability and skills across government to lead a data-driven revolution.

We considered what work has already been done as well as lessons government could learn from other sectors, with discussion on the latest thinking from academics and the private sector.

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