Exploring the potential of data driven government services

While government departments, arm’s length bodies, and the wider public sector hold a vast array of data on their operations and the lives of the citizens they serve, this information is hardly ever used as productively as it could be. Existence of the data in itself is only part of the story.

The overarching purpose of this event will be to explore what truly data-driven public services could mean for Whitehall and for citizens, what the opportunities and obstacles to realising that vision are, and what government departments need to do to make progress.

Organised with the support of global business and digital services consultancy Cognizant, our round table will bring together civil servants to explore key areas of potential - as well as red lines that must not be crossed. The panel will discuss:

  • Service-provision wins that Big Data can deliver, but which departments have yet to get to grips with;
  • Ways the public sector can develop and refine its approach to data-driven services, and what - if anything - it can learn from the experience of business;
  • What information-enabled digital strategies are, and how departments can benefit from them; and
  • How the European Union’s looming General Data Protection Regulation will affect Whitehall, despite the outcome of June 23’s referendum.

For further details about this event, or to enquire about attending the Roundtable, please email: roundtables@dods.co.uk or call Victoria Fryer on 0207 593 5673. 

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Date & time
24/01/2017 12:30:00 - 24/01/2017 12:30:00