Tried-and-tested strategies to improve data sharing, quality and governance

Encouraging a data-driven culture, and ensuring staff are adequately trained to handle data securely and consistently, is at the heart of the government’s ambition for a digital future. September’s update on progress against the 2022-2025 roadmap is testament to the civil service’s ongoing efforts: 15 months on from the publication of government’s three-year strategic plan for digital and data, the update reveals that work is already 20% complete on the objective to improve services. However, siloed working practices, lack of skills and legacy IT are stubborn roadblocks in key areas of transformation.  
CSW has teamed up with Civica for a free-to-attend webinar on 21 November where a panel of senior officials will share their experiences of tackling these challenges, shed light on the dos and don’ts of data sharing for better decision-making, and give hands-on advice on ensuring data is fit for purpose. 

The discussion will cover: 

  • How technology can help departments find data quality issues 
  • How to share and use trusted data while still protecting it 
  • The best approaches to data migration challenges and replacing legacy technologies 
  • What fit-for-purpose data looks like 
  • Unlocking the path to data maturity 
  • How to foster data confidence in staff 

The webinar forms part of Civica's ongoing programme to support DDaT work in government. Attendees will have the chance to hear insights from a recent survey, produced by Civica and CSW’s sister company Total Research, exploring progress towards – and barriers to – the 2022-25 Roadmap for Digital and Data.  


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Date & time
21/11/2023 10:30:00 - 21/11/2023 11:30:00