Watch: After the election: what can the civil service expect from a new administration?

Image by John Mounsey from Pixabay

This CSW webinar explores the implications of a change of governing party for the working lives of officials.

Watch on-demand and hear Jonathan Slater, former DfE permanent secretary, discuss with Alex Thomas, programme director at the Institute for Government, and Kavian Brown, partner and expert in government and Public Sector at Baringa, how the civil service might need to adapt to a new administration, and what this could mean for the workforce and its capability.

With many polls pointing to a victory for the Labour Party,  our panel consider:

  • What could different election results mean for the civil service?
  • If Labour win an overall majority, where might we expect to see most of the significant changes in government policies and priorities? 
  • What can we expect from different parties in terms of civil service reform?

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