Watch on demand: How to build digital advantage in government

Trendwatch 2022: How to Build Digital Advantage in Government

As departments respond to the needs and opportunities of the new post-pandemic world, questions of digital, data and technology are central to their strategies. Traditional infrastructure was not designed to meet the demands of digital government, but the good news is that finance teams increasingly see the importance of investing in new technologies.

Speaking at a recent public sector digital summit, Joanna Davinson, executive director of the Central Digital and Data Office said “I have been very encouraged in the last 18 months that the message is getting through – even in the Treasury,” she said. “There is a cost [to investing in new technology] but there is an opportunity: the business case is pretty good.”

The question, then, is how to ensure investments have long-term value - how can government IT leaders identify and organise around the technology trends that matter most? How they can set the pace for improved outcomes, and ensure they bring the people and culture with them? And how can they put digital technology at the centre of departments’ strategy?

Watch the discussion on how to build digital advantage in government, with thoughts given by our expert panel here. 


Mark Simms
Head of Public Sector, Equinix

Rosalie Marshall
DDAT Strategy Lead, Home Office Digital Data and Technology (DDAT)

Suzannah Brecknell
Editor, CSW

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