Webinar on-demand: Taking stock of your data

You can’t make good decisions, draw up good policy or design good services without good data. Government has plenty of it, but recent research carried out by CSW’s sister company Total Research, in partnership with Iron Mountain, found that departments often store it in hybrid, fragmented systems, making it hard to access and safely use the data within them.  

The same research found that nearly two-thirds of civil servants struggle to link paper records and digital systems to process and access citizen data – often risking potential data breaches and missing out on the advantages and benefits that digitisation and process flow automation can bring. So, what can government departments do to make better use of the information that is already in their organisation, enhance efficiency and provide seamless, integrated digital experiences for the public? 

In this CSW webinar, hosted in partnership with Iron Mountain, a panel of senior officials from the Cabinet Office and HM Treasury offer practical, best-practice advice on improving data visibility and access in your organisation.  

Chaired by Suzannah Brecknell, on the panel are:

  • David Canning, Head of Digital Knowledge & Information Management, Cabinet Office
  • Dr John Nelstrop, Departmental Records Officer, Head of Knowledge and Information Management, HM Treasury.
  • Alice Blogg, Public Sector Strategy, Programmes & Partnerships Manager, Iron Mountain

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