Wellbeing at Work: Enhancing Employee Engagement and Productivity

Teacher Wellbeing


A motivated and productive workforce is a crucial asset for every organisation. Engaged employees can spell the difference between success and failure, especially in times of economic uncertainty and upheaval.  

For optimal organisational and individual resilience, employers must take crucial steps to support their staff's wellbeing and mental health.

Indeed, research has found that employees who feel cared for by their organisation are nine times more likely to stay at their company long-term, four times less likely to suffer from stress and burnout, and twice as likely to be engaged at work.

Our upcoming ‘Wellbeing at Work: Supporting Staff Wellbeing to Improve Organisational Resilience’ event will provide you with the practical advice and actionable insight needed to comprehensively address staff wellbeing, engagement and mental health at work, boosting positive results for staff and organisations alike. 

This event is CPD-Certified and will contribute to your professional development.

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Date & time
04/11/2020 09:00:00 - 04/11/2020 14:45:00