Watch on demand: White heat of Whitehall - how to create a culture that fosters innovation and collaboration

Watch on-demand: White heat of Whitehall - how to create a culture that fosters innovation and collaboration

The pace of technological transformation in government has never been quicker. Nearly 60 years on from Harold Wilson’s famous speech about the ‘white heat’ power of a technological future, digital innovation has helped see government through the response to the coronavirus pandemic, and redesign a host of services. In sectors like defence, automation and artificial intelligence could revolutionise the work of the sector, while across government work is being done to unlock the power of data to provide insights to improve services.

To ensure that the government is able to realise the benefits of transformation, however, the civil service needs a culture to foster innovation and make sure that it can respond at speed to emerging technology and capabilities that can have a quick impact.

This session considers how this culture can be fostered, looking at examples from across government on how to build teams and services that can respond at pace to unlock technological developments.


  • Rowan Conway, Head of Mission Oriented Innovation Network, UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose
  • Andrew Greenway, Founding Partner, Public Digital
  • David Tagg-Oram, Head Digital Foundry, Defence Digital 
  • Ray Wulff, Industry Lead, Global Defense and Intelligence Programs - Appian

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