Suits you? FCDO seeks diamond expert to prevent trade in conflict gems

'Sworn diamond expert' will help ensure compliance with the Kimberley Process
The sworn diamond expert will inspect rough gems being imported to and exported from the UK. Photo: Géry Parent/Flick/CC BY-ND 2.0

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office is seeking a sworn diamond expert to help inspect and value rare gems on behalf of the foreign secretary.

The expert will attend inspections carried out by the Government Diamond Office on rough diamonds that are imported and exported from the UK. The inspections are to ensure they comply with the Kimberley Process – an international commitment to remove conflict diamonds from the global supply chain.

The expert will attend these inspections along with a GDO member of staff. They will value the import or export and provide the office with a “detailed report”, according to a contract notice published last week.

They will be hired as an external contractor. The GDO is responsible for implementing and enforcing the Kimberley Process in the UK, and uses these contractors on an ad-hoc basis to support its work.

As of 1 January, when it left the EU, the UK is now an independent participant of the process.

All rough diamond exports from Britain to the EU now require UK KP certification, with traders applying to the Government Diamond Office for a certificate. EU exporters must obtain the equivalent certificate from the relevant EU KP authority.

Anyone interested in the job has been invited to contact the FCDO.


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