Building back better – A new lens on (social) value in public sector procurement


For Commercial Functions, value for money (VFM) has delivered a traditional focus on creating tangibles that are related to a comparable cost. But is it time to turn towards a new value debate that moves beyond cost?

Why? Well, firstly because cost might be becoming less predictable, but also because in the aim of building back better, cost becomes just one of the criteria we need to think about.

As responsible commercial professionals, a focus on price is key, but now we balance that with alternative ways in which we can create value for our people, our communities, and our planet.

This change offers a tremendous opportunity. But such is the speed of change, it is essential to act now to put the necessary frameworks and teams in place to effectively integrate these new demands within their work.

Download this report authored together with Action Sustainability which discusses the why and how.

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