10 Steps to Net Zero: The practical guide to carbon reporting and reduction


Setting and achieving the net zero targets set by the Scottish and UK governments is an ongoing journey, and the clock is ticking, with a sense of urgency to act lingering after COP 26.

One central aspect in addressing the sustainability challenge in the UK is the aim of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. However, there appears to be a degree of uncertainty as to how businesses and public sector organisations throughout the country will go about achieving this ambitious goal.

This lack of clarity and difficulty in achieving net zero by 2050, in both the private and public sectors, is due to multiple contributing factors. Rio ESG believes that positive change can be achieved when you are tracking your sustainability data, have the right reports on ESG in place, manage your systems and policies, and your team is upskilling to become more sustainable. Learn more in this 10-step guide, which walks you through the practical, actionable steps to get started on the path to becoming net zero.

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