Fraud: A tax that UK citizens can't afford


As our society becomes more digital, new types of fraud are constantly emerging, with UK government figures showing a 32% rise in identity fraud. Indeed, according to government estimates, fraud costs the public sector up to £53 billion per year, which puts the percentage of public money lost to fraud at 6.4% — a figure that the public sector can't ignore.

Fortunately, while fraud may be widespread, it is not inevitable. Given the right technologies, it’s almost always possible to detect fraudulent activity. And once you can detect it, you can find ways to prevent it. 

This report by SAS solutions breaks down the components of public sector fraud and the counter-fraud measures that can be utilised to mitigate taxpayer loss. It offers fraud analysts and investigators the insight they need to detect anomalies, recognise patterns, and make connections between entities to map out complex networks of collusion. 

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