Unlocking the power of government data

Dods Research & Civica

Data's game-changing role in our lives is undeniable. For example, achieving the sheer scale and speed of the UK's world-leading vaccination programme and the mass deployment of track and trace through millions of smart devices across the country was only possible thanks to high-quality, easily accessible data. Now that government has its National Data Strategy (NDS) as a comprehensive framework to unlock the power of data, how are departments working towards achieving its mission? 

Dods Research and Civica conducted a survey that canvassed over 800 civil servants in core communities: senior strategy decision-makers, data specialists, end users and project managers. The survey found that civil servants' views on how the public sector can better harness data and improve data sharing corroborate with the key pillars of the NDS. However,  participants highlighted the main challenges in achieving data priorities and goals. 

The key findings of the survey are summarised in a new whitepaper, providing insight into the government's progress on data priorities and the data and technology plans for the next 12 months. The document concludes with four recommendations to unlock the power of government data.

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