Expense fraud in the UK public sector: The cultural and technical costs

SAP Concur

Five hundred decision-makers across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, coming from the NHS, local and central government and education departments, took part in a research project which explored expense fraud in the UK public sector. 

The study, commissioned by SAP Concur and conducted by strategic insight agency Opinium, uncovered the current fraud environment, the attitudes of employees and those monitoring expense fraud within organisations, systems used for expense management, and the challenges faced when working with legacy finance systems that hinder their efforts to move to and use a transformation framework.

Research findings show organisations do little to prevent – or act against – fraudulent claims. Key findings include:

  • 42% of decision-makers admit to having submitted a fraudulent expense claim 
  • This is not due to a lack of knowledge, as 81% understand what would count as fraud and 84% appreciate the risks of being associated with a fraudulent claim
  • Only two-thirds have ever seen their organisation act against an employee that has submitted a fraudulent claim
  • Less than one in two public sector organisations provide fraud awareness and prevention training for employees

To learn more about these findings, download the research report

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