Unlocking the power of data by government for health, care and wellbeing


Advances in analytics and technology are enabling data-driven decision-making in near real-time. This was evidenced by the remarkable results in the real-world research, development and application of COVID-19 vaccines against the virus. However, these elements can only be harnessed with the proper infrastructure, data security, scale, culture collaboration and skilled people who understand the complexities inherent to gathering, accessing, processing and analysing healthcare data in a safe and secure way.

IQVIA – a human data science and clinical research organisation – teamed up with Total Research (formerly Dods Research) and surveyed 250 civil servants to explore their current and future public health priorities across the UK government and the importance of healthcare data in developing and implementing public health programmes.

The findings presented in this white paper provide an understanding of their data confidence and access to healthcare data, and an insight into how departments can unlock the value of data, enabling the tech-led transformation needed to improve public health outcomes.

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