Transforming for a digital future: 2022 to 2025 roadmap for digital and data


The strategy paper ‘Transforming for a digital future: 2022 to 2025 roadmap for digital and data’ sets out ambitious plans to transform the UK government into a more efficient digital government, providing better outcomes for everyone. This roadmap outlines six cross-government missions the government aims to deliver by 2025.

Exactly a year after the launch of this roadmap, Total Politics teamed up with Civica and surveyed almost 600 civil servants to assess how acquainted respondents were with the roadmap and explore their views on how much progress has been made against the missions. The research canvassed a range of departments and professions, including officials who are working directly on digital reform.

The findings compiled in this white paper include current and future digital and data priorities, barriers to digital transformation, technology progression, and civil servants’ views on data use and application. This paper also provides a series of key considerations to help government organisations and departments transform the delivery of digital services.

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