Chain Reaction: maximising your data value chain in the public sector


Chain reaction: maximising your data value chain in the public sector


13th Feb 2024  |  10:30am - 12:00 noon

As government strives to realise the full potential of data to improve outcomes and efficiency, this practical webinar will explore how civil servants can improve each stage of their data value chain.

Our panel of experts and senior leaders from across government (/the public sector) will take each stage in turn to consider the particular challenges, opportunities and solutions for government organisations. Topics to discuss could include:


- How can departments streamline the process of gathering administrative data?

- What is the role of citizens in curating and collating their own data?


- What are the best ways to clean and prepare data for publication?

- How can DDAT and analysis teams work most effectively to help their colleagues understand the data they are gathering?


- How can we build on progress made around data literacy through the ‘One Big Thing’ initiative?

- What are the most effective ways to communicate the potential of departmental data to teams across the organisation?


- What more could be done to improve re-use options for public sector data?

- How can DDAT teams measure the impact of improved data governance on departmental outcomes?


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Date & time
10:30 - 12:00