Improving data governance to deliver better services

Data dashboard concept

Data is at the heart of decision-making and it’s the building block of modern government – poor quality data can have a real impact on services and outcomes. Good data governance is central to improving the quality and availability of data across government and, in turn, improving the policies and services built on that data. However, recent research by Total Politics, in partnership with Iron Mountain, revealed a range of challenges civil servants face around data governance, with non-standard data records and poor data quality highlighted as two of the biggest problems. 

CSW has teamed up with Iron Mountain for a free-to-attend webinar on 12 March with a panel of senior officials from across the civil service to discuss how the public sector can improve its data governance, how to create a framework that is realistic and pragmatic – and how to implement it. 
Discussion points include: 

  • How data governance can impact public service delivery 
  • What good data governance looks like 
  • How to increase awareness of data governance 
  • Practical advice improving the identification and removal of data that is redundant, obsolete or trivial (ROT).
  • What a good retention policy looks like
  • The role of KIM and DDaT professionals in building good data governance 
  • How to improve collaboration between teams 


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Date & time
10:30 - 11:30