Watch: Improving data governance to deliver better services

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Data is a crucial element in decision-making and is an essential building block for modern government. Poor-quality data may have adverse effects on services and outcomes. Good data governance is fundamental to improving data quality and availability across government and enhancing the policies and services built on that data. 

However, a recent study by Total Politics in partnership with Iron Mountain revealed numerous challenges faced by civil servants regarding data governance. The lack of standard data records and poor data quality are among the most significant problems. 

In this CSW webinar, hosted in partnership with Iron Mountain, a panel of senior officials discusses how the public sector can enhance its data governance and create a realistic and practical framework — and how to implement it. 


  • Roland Potts, Deputy Director, Data Acquisition, Data Growth and Operations at Office for National Statistics
  • Hana Laws, Principal Consultant, Information Governance Professional Services, Iron Mountain
  • Chaired by Suzannah Brecknell, co-editor CSW

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Discussion points include:

  • How data governance can impact public service delivery 
  • What good data governance looks like 
  • How to increase awareness of data governance 
  • Practical advice improving the identification and removal of data that is redundant, obsolete or trivial (ROT).
  • What a good retention policy looks like
  • The role of KIM and DDaT professionals in building good data governance 
  • How to improve collaboration between teams

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