Watch on demand | Performance art: making Outcome Delivery Plans a success

This webinar brings together experts from within and outside of government for a practical discussion about making sure government plans’ aims are achieved as effectively as possible

It is a question that has dogged policymakers and service designers for years: when you spend public money, how can you be sure you are actually making a difference – and a positive one? 

Over the years, the focus on delivery – ensuring that government’s plans are achieved – has shifted to include a greater emphasis on evaluation - making sure the plans’ aims are achieved as effectively as possible. 

The government’s latest attempt to tackle this challenge takes the shape of Outcome Delivery Plans. Each plan sets out a department’s long-term policy objectives and outcomes, the department’s strategy for achieving them and the metrics that will be used to track performance. An Evaluation Taskforce, run jointly by Cabinet Office and HM Treasury, has also been set up to “support departments to better evaluate their programmes and policies and advise spending teams on how to make more informed decisions on the basis of the results,” according to a blog written by lead policy advisor Sumayyah Tasnim

These plans formed a key part of the 2021 spending review, with departments asked to link their bids to key outcomes, as well as setting out how they planned to evaluate the results of their spending.  

This webinar brings together experts from within and outside of government for a practical discussion which will cover: 

  • What is an Outcome Delivery Plan?  
    Hear from top officials in the Treasury to better understand the new system and what it will mean for functional and policy leaders in departments. 
  • How can departments effectively monitor progress against their priorities?  
    Our panel will explore how teams can make the most of the data they have to design, including the importance of data convergence across departments and utilising tools to track outcomes across departments or in complex policy areas. 
  • What needs to happen next so that this information makes a difference to outcomes?
    Learn from past attempts to evaluate outcomes and explore how real-time progress updates could help to drive decision-making and policy design across government

This webinar was hosted by CSW in partnership with Oracle.

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