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19 Mar 2024

Perm secs reflect on the first year of DSIT, DBT and DESNZ, plus a defence special focus


Three perm secs grace the cover of CSW’s spring issue, with Sarah Munby, Gareth Davies and Jeremy Pocklington looking back over the creation and first year of DSIT, DBT and DESNZ – from the first phone call when they found out about their new job to the sweeping organisational changes they had to implement to make the new departments work. We also hear from departing civil service chief operating officer Alex Chisholm, who reflects on morale, Places for Growth and how his earlier predictions about reform played out.

This defence and security special issue includes interviews with Defence Equipment & Skills’ Jill Hatcher, who delves into the agency’s people plan, and defence think tank Rusi's Karin von Hippel, who shares her career highlights over lunch. 

Meanwhile, government chief people officer Fiona Ryland talks AI, pay and the role of the centre, and Liaison Committee chair Sir Bernard Jenkin ruminates on government’s problems with strategic thinking – and how his committee’s latest inquiry seeks to change that.

Also in this issue:

CSW's spring 2024 issue cover

  • JSaRC’s Abu Ahmed talks partnership, innovation and industry-led solutions
  • Your guide to the government property profession
  • Whistleblowing charity Protect’s Andrew Pepper-Parsons explains why government must make it safer for civil servants to speak out
  • The case for preventative policy – and why it’s easier said than done

Read all this and more in the spring 2024 issue of Civil Service World as a PDF here, or view the ebook version.


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