Using Cornerstone's talent management solutions, the State of Nebraska has improved employee engagement, improved talent retention and improved compliance management across 80 different agencies

The State of Nebraska employs 17,000 people across 80 divergent agencies, which range in size from two to 6,000 employees.

Since 2001, Nebraska state personnel had been operating with a limited human resources (HR) technology infrastructure that primarily functioned as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Although integrated with payroll and benefits, the system lacked functionality in key operations such as learning, performance and succession, and reporting capabilities were extremely limited. In addition, because the State allowed each of its 80 agencies to customise the data independent of any statewide directive, the same data fields were used in 80 different ways.

In 2010, the State of Nebraska adopted the Cornerstone Talent Management suite to address these challenges. This video shows how they have been able to build employee engagement through targeted development opportunities; retain talent and attract young, ambitious and digitally savvy staff; and improve compliance management across their various agencies.

You can download a PDF version of the case study here.

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