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Coronavirus: What does it mean for government’s supply chain?

21 February 2020

Covid-19 is not only going to change how we view risk in our suppliers, it may also change how government thinks about buying, writes Proxima

How Finance, IT and Commercial can work together for success

10 February 2020

Cloud computing is here to stay - but what does that mean for commercial functions? Proxima explains how best to optimise the Cloud across organisations 

Is the circular economy the answer to overconsumption?

24 January 2020

Overconsumption is creating new risks for both society and commercial functions to manage. Proxima investigates whether the circular economy might present a solution

How can Government Commercial ensure it has the basics right before trying new trends?

13 January 2020

Why is all the talk on new trends, when doing the basics right is still a challenge for many organisations? Proxima offers advice for those organisations enticed by promised developments who still...

Government Commercial: A year in review

13 December 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, Proxima looks back at the topics which have shaped this year in the commercial and procurement sphere – and predicts which buzzwords may feature heavily in 2020

From uptime to outcomes: How IT service providers are linking their performance to real business outcomes

5 December 2019

What is outcome based contracting, and how does it represent an area for potential in the public sector? Proxima dives in 

The paralysis of purdah amid Brexit purgatory

20 November 2019

Are you wondering what happens to procurement activities during purdah? Proxima explains what the pre-election restrictions mean for Government Commerical 

The innovation game

25 October 2019

Challenger Thinking is a technique used by those who want to innovate despite the perceived barriers in their way - Proxima walks us through how we can use the technique to achieve more

Capability crisis or a secret opportunity for old dogs?

11 October 2019

Do conventional career paths even exist anymore? What is the 'skills gap' referring to? And what effect does this have on Government Commercial? Proxima addresses all this and more 

What’s next for government consultancy?

1 October 2019

On the anniversary of the second Management Consultancy Framework, Proxima examines the steps taken by government commercial to deliver a successful procurement strategy, and asks whether MCF2 is...

Brexit Report: Is it day-to-day commercial demands which will catch us out?

11 September 2019

What does Brexit mean for Government Commercial? Proxima walks through some of the main areas of uncertainty, and the efforts that have been made to prepare

Assessing ITT responses – does MEAT cut to the bone…?

16 August 2019

Proxima examines the systems currently in place for awarding public sector contracts, and asks whether there are alternative options that achieve better value 

‘Innovation does not occur without failure’: What happens when innovation and procurement come together?

9 August 2019

Procurement is uniquely placed across departments, meaning the function could be a centre for learning within organisations. Proxima explains how procurement and innovation intersect. 

Different metrics, same mechanisms: Public vs. private sector marketing

29 July 2019

Proxima examines the different approaches to advertising in the private and public sectors, and offers insight into the public sector campaigns process